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Nady out

April 15, 2009

nadyXavier Nady is most likely out for the year for the Yanks. Some people would say this is a good thing because now Nick Swisher gets to start everyday. Wrong. Depth is a necessary thing during the course of a Major League Season. There is nothing like having 2 really good outfielders who can hit on your roster. Now the Yanks lose Nady and the depth they had in the outfield. They still have Brett Gardner, Melky and Damon mixing it out there so it isn’t a total diaster. Matsui can no longer play the outfield and apparently he can no longer hit either.

Losing depth is always bad even if it allows a player on a streak to play everyday. Swisher is smashing the ball right now but the law of averages will prevail and he will level out. The only thing that Nick Swisher’s hot start guarantees is a slump some where along the line. Girardi is with out a doubt praying that Nady can return at some point this season