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White Sox to examine, X-ray Peavy’s elbow

August 31, 2009

White Sox to examine, X-ray Peavy’s elbow

jake-peavy2Didn’t this guy date Allsya Millano? Oh wait that was Carl Pavano. I get my Injury prone pitchers confused. But seriously the White Sox can’t seem to catch a Break. They looked absolutely horrible this past weekend against the Yankees. Of course many teams do. One of the things I like about Ozzie is that when his team sucks he will be the first to tell them and us. He takes responsibility and fires up his team at the same time. If I were a White Sox I would be afraid to suck because he would tell everyone how bad I am.

Hopefully Peavy can get back from the DL soon, because TICK TICK the White Sox are 5.5 games out in the Division and the Wild Card isn’t even a possibility anymore. They need Jake like yesterday. Even if this season is a lost cause Jake is under a long term contract so don’t fear fans of the Sox he will be back,eventually.

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Sources: Penny headed to Giants’ rotation

August 31, 2009

Sources: Penny headed to Giants’ rotation

penny4thoughtsThis is a good move for the Giants they are tied for the Wild card lead and this will hopefully solidify their rotation. With Noah Lowery and Randy Johnson on the Dl its a solid pick up for the Giants. Plus we will get to see Penny pitch against his former team the Dodgers, a relationship that didn’t end well. Penny is a National League guy and struggled in the AL. The NY Yankees had expressed interest in him by putting a claim on him when he was on trade waivers. After the Brilliant performance of Sergio Mitre the other day Penny didn’t seem worth the extra cash anymore. I’ll bet if he gets 5 more starts this year he will win 4 of them. We will see.

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New batting helmet required in minors in 2010

August 31, 2009

New batting helmet required in minors in 2010

new helmetIts going to take a while for this new helmet to come around. But its good to see that the option is there for people to wear it if they choose. I think you will start to see the MLB players that have already been hit in the head a couple of times wearing it first. I think It would also be smart for the Base coaches and Field Umps to wear them.

I am happy to see that it is being required in the minor leauges and I hope that colleges and Little leauges adopt it as well. In the Imortal words of my friend Mike Genevosey “You cant be to careful with the noggin”

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Some Quick Playoff Predictions

August 30, 2009


I am suffering from the concussion still but I have to get my Playoff thoughts in real quick. It will be quick and dirty just like I like it.

  1. AL East is a lock. The Yanks are the best team in baseball and they are not going to blow a 6 game lead in a month, not the way they are playing.  The starting pitching is outstanding the bullpen is lights out. Its a done deal.
  2. The AL Central is weak overall but the Tigers are going to pull it off. Their starting pitching there is exceptional with Verlander and Jackson as the 1 2 punch. The Twins and the White Sox are just not good enough to catch.
  3. The Angles are golden in the west as well. I like the Rangers. I think they are talented and are going to make noise in the wild card but the Angels have 9 guys who bat .300 or better. There is no way they are letting up in the West
  4. The AL Wild Card:  The race if you will. The Rays look like they have given up by trading Kazmir but I don’t know if that is true. They are still talented and could pull it off. The real race it appears on paper is between the Sox who are 2 1/2 games up on the Rangers. I think the Rangers are a better team right now. The Sox’s pitching staff is not good. It was their strong suite at the beginning of the year and now it is depleted. Even Wakefield who is 11-3 and coming of the DL has been scratched from his next start.  Boston just doesn’t have the pitching talent to compete with the Rangers down the stretch. In the end I am giving the Wild Card to the Rangers.

I will be back with my NL predictions at a later date. Be Easy everyone.

By Michael Genovese

Mets’ Wright says he’s ready to come off DL

August 29, 2009

Mets’ Wright says he’s ready to come off DL

david-wright You have to love David Wright he is such a competitor. The Mets are done this season at just shy of a million games out of the playoffs and their entire team on the DL we are talking about a lost cause. But you know what they have an obligation to their ticket holders and their fans to try and win every game every day. That being said I have no problem with David Wright coming back off the DL and continuing on with his all star career if he is 100% healthy. When I say 100% really mean 110% . He was hit very hard in the head and a concussion of that magnitude is nothing to play around with, Just ask Mike Genevosey.When the Rosters expand in September the Mets will have an opportunity to show off some of their young talent that they have down in the Minors. David Wright is one of my top five favorite players and however much I want to see him back on the field I want him to error on the side of caution.

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AL Playoff Predictions

August 29, 2009

So it’s August  29th. With a month left to play, I thought I’d give my thoughts on how I see the playoff matchups looking.

AL East: New York Yankees. Baseball’s best team is 6 up on Boston and 10.5 up on Tampa. They’re the only team in baseball with a winning percentage over .600 (.625). They have a talented rotation, one of the best bullpens in baseball, arguably baseball’s best lineup, a fine defense, two MVP candidates (Jeter and Teixeira), and the best clubhouse chemistry they’ve had since 2001. The Yanks seem to play every game to the fullest, and it seems like they got a walkoff win every week. Is there any doubt we’ll see October baseball in the Bronx?

AL Central: Detroit Tigers. Sure, the Twins have traded for Orlando Cabrera, Jon Rauch, Carl Pavano, and Ron Mahay, but I still don’t think they’ll make it to October. The Tigers rotation includes Justin Verlander (3.38 ERA), Jarrod Washburn (3.23 ERA), Edwin Jackson (2.96 ERA), and the young Rick Porcello (4.27 ERA). They aren’t going to lose their division lead when they trot Verlander, Washburn, and Jackson out there 3 of every 5 games. Fernando Rodney, Brandon Lyon, Bobby Seay, Fu-Te Ni, and Ryan Perry have been more than  effective in the ‘pen. I worry about their lineup, as Curtis Granderson, Carlos Guillen, Aubrey Huff, and Magglio Ordonez have all underperformed this year. Still with their pitching, they aren’t going to lose their division lead.

AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Always believe in Mike Scioscia. Sure the pitching has been subpar in LA this year, but Juan Rivera and Bobby Abreu have been huge bargains, Tori Hunter and Chone Figgins are big parts of the offense, and Kendry Morales and Mike Napoli are having great years. This team is going to the playoffs on their offense. I said earlier, pitching is more important, which is true, but the Angels are going because of their offense. They have some fine pitchers on their staff like Ervin Santana, John  Lackey, Joe Saunders, and Jered Weaver, but all four of them haven’t played to their potential .It’s the same case with recent acquisition Scott Kazmir. Pitching coach Mike Butcher needs to make sure these guys finish the season strong, because they can’t go anywhere in October without good pitching.

AL Wildcard: Boston Red Sox. They’ve got a 2.5 game lead, and I just don’t think Texas can beat Boston out for the wildcard spot. The only offensive forces in Arlington are Michael Young and Nelson Cruz right now, and they have a good staff, but not strong enough to put them past Boston. The Red Sox need Wakefield, Bucholz, and Tazawa to pitch effectively if they want to keep their wildcard lead. Wake and Bucholz can do so, while Tazawa I worry about. He just doesn’t seem to have the “stuff” yet to make it in the bigs. Obviously, aces Beckett and Lester need to pitch like themselves to keep Boston going strong, but that shouldn’t be much of a worry. The ‘pen is solid with Papelbon, Billy Wagner, Manny Delcarmen, Takashi Saito, and Hideki Okajima. The Boston offense obviously has flaws (like Varitek and Ortiz), but Victor Martinez, Jason Bay, JD Drew, and Kevin Youkilis are all threats to get on base, and threats to hit the longball. Mike Lowell isn’t too shabby either. Dustin Pedroia is having a good year, but its nothing compared to his MVP campaign last year. None the less, the Red Sox have the talent to make it to October, and they should do so.

Its Midnight Cinderella

August 28, 2009

 beckettsucks I could make this real short and just say Josh Beckett is stinking up the place but that wouldn’t do justice to how badly he has sucked lately. This year he has given up 20 home runs and didn’t make it out of the 5th inning in tonight’s game. Beckett has failed to get a win in his last three outings and is giving up Home Runs at an alarming rate. Its really to early for the Red Sox to panic but the amount of home runs he is giving up is certainly cause for alarm. Especially because this is the guy that is considered the Red Sox Ace. For a team that is trying to make the playoffs they better find a way to fix this or they will be watching the playoffs at home on their TV’s.