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Swisher says I want to keep playing coach

April 12, 2009

large_nady-swisher3231Yankees role player Nick Swisher had no place to go but up after batting only .219 with the White Sox. Now a member of the Ny Yankees he has hit the ground running as a role player and is starting to turn some heads into believing that he should be  fighting Xavier Nady for the everyday spot in right field.

Now granted we are only a few games into the season but how do you bench a guy that has 7 hits 3 doubles, 1 triple, and 2 Homers in just 13 AB’s. I would think his 9 RBI’s and .538 batting average in 5 games will force Manager Joe Girardi to find ways to keep him in the line-up.

Nick has had his share of success in the past hitting 35 HR and 97 RBI’s in 2006 while batting with the Oakland Athletics. There should definitely be appeal to having a third switch hitter with power in the batting order to compliment Jorge Posada and Mark Texiera. If the Yankees were to bat them 4,5,6 in the order it would make it impossible for opposing teams to mix and match pitching late in a close game.

At any rate Swish is definitely on fire and his play in the field , as he showed playing at first base yesterday, and at the plate is more convincing evidence that he should be the everyday guy in the line-up. Yesterday Swisher scored 3 times on 2 hits that included a triple and a HR he also had 3 RBI’s and walked twice in the Yankees 6-1 win over the Royals. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Swisher might play in todays series finale.


Oakland adds pitching depth

April 9, 2009

Royals Yankees BaseballThe Oakland A’s have picked up reliever/spot starter Dan Giese off waivers from the NY Yankees.

Giese pitched well for the Yankees down the stretch with an ERA of 3.53 in 20 appearances including 3 starts.

This is a Solid move by Oakland to sure up the bullpen and ad someone who can spot start should their young rotation come on hard times.

Joba’s Arrest Video

April 8, 2009

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Ok This is downright hilarious. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Joba pleads guilty

April 2, 2009

joba-chamberlain-yankeesAfter getting his arraignment postponed four times Joba Chamberlain finally got his day in court. Joba was pulled over Oct. 18 by police on the outskirts of Lincoln. Authorities say his blood-alcohol level was 0.134 percent. The legal limit in Nebraska is 0.08 percent.

Joba faced the judge today and pleaded guitly and was given 9 months probation and a $400 fine. He will also lose his licence for 60 days and take an alchol education class. As part of a plea deal the open container charge was dropped.

“I am glad to put the legal aspect of this behind me,” Chamberlain said in a statement. “I made a mistake and hope over time to turn this into a positive learning experience for me and others.”

Bob Sheppard could be Immortal

April 1, 2009

bobshepEarlier today the NY Times jumped the gun a bit and announced the New York Yankees Stadium announcer Bob Sheppard was going to retire for health reasons. The Yankees later started that this information was false.

Ultimately we have to prepare for this events inevitability. Sheppard is 98 years old and has been the Stadium announcer sense 1951 and was the public address announcer for the New York Giants of the National Football League from 1956 to 2006. In his time with the Yankees, he has announced over 4,500 Major League Baseball games, and has seen the Yankees capture 22 American League pennants and 13 World Series championships.

But due to the state of text-to-speech technology, Sheppard’s voice could be the voice of the starting lineups for the next 50 years, if the Yankees choose to go that route.

Patrick Dexter, director of business development for Cepstral a leader in text-to-speech technology, told CNBC that it would be possible for the company to create a program that would enable the Yankees to have every player – the Yankees and their opponents – be announced by Sheppard’s voice forever.

Currently because of Bobs health they don’t expect him to make an appearance at the stadium until mid-season. I would think that with modern technology they would be able to do a remote broadcast from his home but I’m sure they have thought of this. Some people think the Idea of recording his voice to use forever is a little creepy and others believe that there is just no replacement for the legendary announcer. Derek Jeter has already taken measures to ensure that his name will always be announced by Sheppard and has a recording that is played every time Jeter steps up to the plate.

So what do you think should Sheppard be recorded using the technology and be the stadium announcer forever or when Sheppard retires should they open a new chapter in Yankees history with a new announcer?