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Phillies need a second baseman

July 1, 2010

Utley gets down and dirty

Very Bad news for the Phillies , Chase Utley will miss at least eight weeks with thumb surgury and his back up Placido Palanco is on the Dl for at least four. This leaves them with a hand full of Prospect replacemenrts and utility players.

Needless to say the Phils will be looking for a second baseman with some experience and hopefully a little more pop in his bat than what they are currently dealing with. Ty Wiggington would be the perfect fit here. The Orioles aren’t going anywheres and can use Julio Lugo to play second base. Wigiginton is batting .258 with 14 HR and should bring back a couple of decent prospects at the very least. Also look for the Phillies and Pedro to begin heating up talks.


Rays’ Pena breaks 2 fingers, done for season

September 8, 2009

Rays’ Pena breaks 2 fingers, done for season

58118188When I think of Carlos Pena I think of Jason Giambi. A pure slugger that can’t hit for average. Pena is batting in the .230’s but leads the AL in HR with 39 and has 100 RBI’s. Unfortunately he will not have the opportunity to win the AL Home Run title as two broken fingers have ended his season. Mark Texieria of the Yankees will almost certainly take that title as well as most RBI’s. It will be a three horse race for the AL MVP ¬†Texieria, Mauer, Jeter. My vote goes to Jeter but unfortunately I don’t have a vote.

His whole broken finger thing got me thinking, who else could the Rays get in the off-season that could match his production for cheap in case he is unable to play at the same level again after having two fingers snapped in half.

My thought is Shelly Duncan. He is basically the same guy and I’m sure the Rays have enough minor league talent to get him away from the Yankees, Just a thought.

Anyhow Carlos sorry to hear about your broken digit but a 95mph fastball to the hand is no joke. Even worse they said he swung so he didn’t even get to take his base. Now thats Bad Luck.

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Jays’ Halladay leaves game with groin injury

June 13, 2009

Jays’ Halladay leaves game with groin injury


Yes folks you guessed it if this is serious then it is the official end of any chance the blue jays had at making the playoffs this year. The Jays without holiday is like happy days without the Fonz.

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