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Gaudin is Athletic

March 29, 2010

Three days after being released by the NY Yankees Chad Gaudin has agreed to undisclosed terms with the Oakland Athletics. Gaudin had hoped to win the 5th starter role with the Bombers after filling in effectively in that during the second half of 2009 .
This spring he was 0-3 with an ERA of 8.68. Gaudin Previously pitched with Oakland back in 2007 and hopes to fill a role in thier bullpen. Gaudin may get an opportunity to face the Yankees soon as the two teams will meet up on the second road trip of this season which kicks off on Sunday night Baseball , The Yankees facing the Boston Red Sox on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball at 8pm est.


The Braves are for real

March 26, 2010

I know It was a spring training game but either the Braves look real good or Detroit looks real bad. These are the facts as I saw them

1. Melky Cabrera still has a great arm as he gunned a baserunner down at the plate by like ten feet.

2. Johnny Damon could not throw out me at the plate as he couldnt even hit the cutoff man fromshallow cf without a hop

3. Verlander is not human. I saw him throw a two seamer for a strike at 98 mph down in the zone that was unhittable. To bad the rest of his pithes werent as he gave up 3 runs on 6 hits in 5.2 innings

4. Jason Heyword  really is all that as the Rookie wem\nt 2 for 4 bringing  his spring training average up to 471 as he was told today that he would be the starting RF at 20 years old.

5.The Red Sux are kicking themselves for letting Saito go as he has been unhittable. Adding another scoreless inning with 2k

6. Billy Wagner is a freak of nature that can still dial it up to 98mph as he gave up one run on one hit but struck out the side.

7. I have noticed that I haven’t said much good about the Tigers. Well if there is some good its Brandon Inge who was a man without a position now is having a great spring is running the bases well and is batting .343

I cant say enough good things about the Braves this spring. I hope their rotation  is as solid as their Bullpen looks. I certainly think they are going to hit the ball around and may even give the phillies a run for their money.

Yankees give Hughes the ball

March 25, 2010

The Yankees  officially announced that Phil Hughes would be their fifth starter. For much of the spring Alfredo Aceves seemed to be dealing more than anyone else. Until that day came when Joe Girardi told the Pitchers to stop working on things from here on out it all counts. It was that very day that Hughes responded and was hands down the best choise for the fifth starter job. Joba  Chamberlain is probably disappointed   but will likely land as the eighth inning guy where he has had so much success. We should also remember that there will be needs for spot starters from time to time that might go to Sergio Mitre , Aceves  or Chamberlain. Its a long season and injury’s are bound to happen. But for now the rotation is set and Phil Hughes has been given the ball. Here is my Rookstradomous prediction  12-11 era 3.93 . I think If he does that as the fifth starter the Yankees w

Former Yankee Rameriz on the move again

March 24, 2010

Former NY Yankee reliever Edear Rameriz is on the move again. The Oakland Athletics have aquired him from the Rangers for infielder Georgio Petit . On March 9th he was released by the Yankees to make room for Chan Ho Park and was picked up by the Rangers. Seems Edwar didnt even get time to unpack his bag before completing his trip across the US. Rameriz has a killer changeup that made a bunch of hitters look silly, for a while. Then it seemed that everyone started to figure out that they could sit on his mid to high 80’s fastball and tattoo it. It was then that walks and home runs became a problem spelling his eventual departure from NY and started his trip across the country.

Times are a changin

March 24, 2010

Major league baseball has made a slight change to playoff schedule that will hopefully allow Angels manager Mike Scioscia to keep his pants on.

Scioscia made a big stink about a day off between games 4 and 5 of the league championship series last October. In truth it was an awkward day off do to the fact that they were playing in the same location. So Scioscia gets to keep his pants and the day off was eliminated. Instead an extra day off is scheduled between the division series and the League championship series. The overall length of the playoffs will not be affected and it will still be a best of five for the first round.

This will make it more difficult for teams to make it thru the playoffs with only three pitchers, much like the Yankees did last year.Players are also concerned about an allowance in the postseason format that lets one best-of-five series in the first round be played over eight days rather than seven. That could be addressed for 2011.

Twins pony up the dough

March 22, 2010

I always new Mauer was to good to be human this confirms it

The Minnesota Twins went against what team history suggests they do and came up with a eight year 184 million dollar extension for superstar catcher Joe Mauer.

The contract worth around 23 million a year is along the same lines as the 10 year 189 million dollar contract that Derek Jeter will be completing in the fall. The contract contains a full no trade clause. makes a good point in their article about the contract when they wonder if the Twins will have a difficult time making other moves having so much of their chips in one pot. They go on to make the comparison of the Rockies having their hands tied having so much of their payroll invested in Todd Helton.

For a lot of teams this would be a bad investment, for the Twins a team that remains competitive in the American League Central every year I think It was a move they had to make. Joe Mauer is not only the face of the Twins he is a hero in the state of Minnesota a household name if you will. The revenue that Mauer will bring in bobble heads alone will be worth the deal. Seriously though he is the best player in baseball today. At 27 years old he has 3 batting titles, 3 silver sluggers, 3 all star appearances , two gold gloves and an MVP. There isn’t much room for argument that the Twins will reap the benefits of this deal for the nest eight years and as for Joe he didn’t leave any money on the table and has an opportunity to spend the rest of his playing days as a Twin and perhaps one day lead them to a world championship.

Strasburg sent down

March 20, 2010

Washington Nationals Ace of the future was sent down to minor league camp today after striking out eight over four innings in his latest spring training start. The Nationals state that he needs to work on his delivery with runners on base. He seems to be rushing which is taking velocity off his fastball, which was clocked at 98mph today, allowing hitters to catch up with it.

Strasburg will be assigned to double A ball in Harrisburg but might be called up to play in an Exhibition game on April 3rd at Nationals park against the RedSox.

I’m sure in the long run that the time in the minor leagues will help his development  and that it has nothing to do with the fact that delaying his major league debut until May or June will save the team millions and give them extra time with who may be the best pitcher in the National League.