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The Blue Jays can hit

April 14, 2009
Adam Lind as a Syracuse Sky Chief

Adam Lind as a Syracuse Sky Chief

Word is out, The Toronto Blue Jays can hit. They are first in the AL in Hits, At Bats, Runs, 2 base hits, 3rd in Home Runs, 1st in RBI, 2nd in Slugging, and first in Batting Average. That is impressive. Now granted the season is young and these numbers will level out. That is a fact. Baseball is a game of averages. The averages will always catch up with a team. Although the Blue Jays, in a division they are picked to finish next to last or dead last in can hang their hats on a hot 6-2 start with extremely impressive hitting stats. They have 9 guys hitting .300 or better right now. Adam Lind has an .417 On Base Percentage and is slugging .717 while holding an average of .400. That my friends is a nice start.

Meanwhile, their ace Roy Halladay is 2-0 and has struck out 9 batters so far. If someone else on that staff can step it up through out this season and the hitters can stay half has hot as they are now we are all looking at a suprisingly good baseball team.