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were back to baseball

August 30, 2011

Yes I know I know we haven’t been here all season. To be honest I was working on a couple of other sites but have since discovered that this one is and always will be the best.

So we are back and have a bit of work ahead of us to catch you up on my insane ramblings about the baseballs rattling around in my brain. Ok first you should know that I am a Yankees and a Brewers fan. So sometimes you will notice that I am a little bias. Well to bad its my site and I’ll be as Bias as I want. Seriously thou I try my best to be fair and when I am not feel free to let me know.

Well with this in mind lets start by talking about tomorrow nights game of the week. Yankees vs Red Sox. I don’t have to tell any of you how important this three game series is to both teams. The Red Sox (82-51) are just a game and a half up on the Yankees (79-52) I’m not really concerned for either team about wining or losing this series. Both of these teams know they are going to the playoffs and as we all know neither has a definite advantage. What is important is more of what happens on the field. Can CC Sabathia, tomorrows starter, win against the Red Sox, Can the Red Sox keep up their dominance over the Yankees this season. Tomorow will hopefully be a classic as John Lacky (12-9) will battle CC Sabathia (17-7). I don’t think CC will have another bad start against the Red Sox, I almost think he will have a little extra tomorrow night do to how poorly he has pitched against them, he will be hungry for a win. He needs to go out there and shut up all those people who are saying that he can’t pitch against the Sox. The Sox have teed off on Sabathia in the past so he wants to come up big, and this is why I’m calling this the game of the week.

Hungry CC ready for the Red Hot Sox