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A Crucial Monday Night

September 20, 2009
This could be one of Pettittes biggest starts this yearThis could be one of Pettitte’s biggest starts this year

Monday could be a very important day for the Yankees championship hopes. If Andy Pettitte’s shoulder acts up and gives him problems, it could spell disaster for the Yanks.

He’ll be testing it against a possible playoff opponent in the Angels and the big question is: If he goes down with an injury, will he be able to heal in time for the playoffs?

Pettitte could be the most key member of the postseason roster, especially with inconsistent pitching of AJ Burnett and the “Joba Rules” which may come back to bite the Yankees rear. (more on that soon)

A good sign is that Pettitte did not experience discomfort after throwing his bullpen session this week and although it seems like a meaningless game for a post-season bound team, this will be a big game Andy Pettitte and the Yankees.



Nick Adenhart Killed

April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhartwas killed in a car crash early this morning in LA. Adenhart was a rookie for the Angels and pitched just last night. He threw 6 scoreless innings in only his 4th major league start. This is a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.