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Zambrano to get help

June 29, 2010

After an altracation that led to screaming at teammate Derek Lee in the dugout Carlos Zambrano was suspended without pay. It seemed that Zamranos days in the windy city had come to an end. Now Zambrano has been removed from suspension and placed on the restricted list where he will see a Dr and ” receive treatment” The cubs would not comment on what kind of Dr. He would be seeing, but it’s clear that he is recieving some kind of mental help or anger management.

To me this indicates that the Cubs will not be shopping him. As if they would find anyone to take on a huge contract with an anger management issue.The Cubs dont expect him to return until after the all-star break. My guess is that he will be in the Pen. Placing him on the restricted list allows the cubs to pull up a replacement during his absence without moving him from the 40 man roster.


Its been a while but Steves got gas

June 13, 2010

A few things have happened around baseball since last I posted and none has been more written about than Steven Strassburg. After an amazing debut where he struck out 14 including 8 of the last 10 batters he faced.  His start today wasnt as impressive where he went only five and a third and gave up two hits and only struck out eight. Yes he walked five batters. But at 2-0 Im still impressed. Yes he has beaten the Pirates and the Indians and that certainly doesn’t put him in line for a Cy Young but this kid got gas.

blown perfect game

June 2, 2010

Armando Galarraga was one out away from the 21 perfect game in th history of baseball before umpire Jim Joyce blew a call at first base and cost him baseball immortality.

Everyone will have seen the replay by tomorrow morning and its clear that he was safe. Even Joyce after viewing the replay admits that the call was wrong. So why not just reverse the call. I don’t think the Indians will care and anyone who protests is certainly an asshole. So I say give the kid his perfect game.  Even though it was against the Indians it still is a hell of a feat. Jim Joyce  might as well retire or resign because he will be booed in every venue in the country for causing irreparable damage to the game.