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Big mouth Braden pitches a perfect game

May 9, 2010

26 Year old Dallas Braden threw the first perfect game for the A’s in 40 years. The last was by the great Catfish Hunter in 1968 against the Twins. He did it in 109 pithes and had six strikeouts. The last perfect game to be thrown was also against the Rays by Mark Berlehe last summer.

Braden is best known for yelling at A-Rod for running across the mound while returning to the Dug out. What really made him mad is that Arod shrugged it off like he was overreacting. First off he was overreacting, secondly if you are a 26 year old nobady you dont yell at the best player in the game. At the end of Bradens perfect game he apparently hugged his grandmother to which Aj Burnett watching in the Yankees Clubhouse yelled, don’t run over his mound granny.

Congrats to Braden for throwing a perfect game unfortunately it doesnt remove your label as being a loud mouth Douche. It just makes you a loud mouth douche that can pitch.


The worst at bat in the history of baseball

May 1, 2010

The worst at bat in the history of baseball overshadows a brilliant performance by Cliff Lee. In His return to baseball after starting the season on the DL Lee Pitched seven scoreless innings only allowing three hits and striking out eight. All this was for not as Eric Byrnes has the worst at bat in the history in the eleventh inning. With the bases loaded Ichiro on third and one out the sign came to lay down the squeeze bunt. For those of you who don’t know what this is as the pitch is thrown Ichiro will be running from third. Byrnes job is to put the bat on the ball NO MATTER WHAT! Or at least make every effort to do so. As the pitch was thrown Byrnes squared to bunt and  instead of making contact with the ball he pulled the bat back leaving Ichiro out to dry. So as if the caught stealing wasnt enough Byrnes ended up striking out to end the inning. So in Summery with one out and the bases loaded and the fastest man in baseball on third Byrnes was responsible for single handedly ended the inning and probably cost them the game as the Rangers scored twice in the 12th inning.  I have never heard of anyone else ever pulling the bat back on a squeeze play not even in little  league. So congratulations MR Byrnes you have etched your spot in baseball History as the owner of the worst at bat ever.