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Don’t Miss the Point

May 8, 2009

The most important thing to remember with the latest drug scandal in Major League Baseball is to not miss the point. A lot of people will say things like “everyone was doing it.” That is all well and good and they have a valid point. Some people will say, “they test now lets move on.” That too is a valid point. Moving on should be with out a doubt the baseball world, fans included, first and most important priority. However, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. So lets not miss the point.

The point isn’t that everyone was cheating because first off everyone wasn’t cheating. Most were but not all. I firmly believe that. The point is that people like myself who grew up loving this game and following this game from the time I was 8 years old feels hurt and betrayed. When people say get over it everyone was doing it, those are the people who didn’t have a vested interest when they were 12. There is nothing wrong with that but they will never fully understand what it is like to have your greatest childhood moments ruined. My father for instance doesn’t care about steroids cause when he was 15 Mickey Mantle wasn’t using them and he was great. For guys like me who are between 25-35 we are hurt and betrayed.

When Mark Mcgwire lifted number 62 over the left field wall I had tears in my eyes. I was witnessing history. Real living exciting history. Just to find out 4 years later that it was a fraud. It jades your thoughts on the game and on life really. Here is a guy that you thought worked hard to get to where he was in life. Turns out he is a freaking cheater. How does a guy 30 years old now explain to his kid who he is about to take to the ballpark that his sports hero’s were, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramierz, just to have his son look up and say didn’t those guys cheat. That is happening right now all over this country and that is the sad thing.

That isn’t even to say anything about the guys who didn’t cheat. Take a guy whom I love like David Cone. Coney should be in the hall of fame bar none. Reason is because he did it the right way. He had to pitch against juiced up maniacs and he did it with relative ease. So maybe he doesn’t have 354 wins like Roger Clemens. Maybe he didn’t strike out the 2nd most people in the history of baseball like Roger Clemens. However, the records he does have he earned with the two most important things in all sports especially baseball, no not Steroids and HGH, Heart and Hustle.

By Michael Genovese


The Blue Jays can hit

April 14, 2009
Adam Lind as a Syracuse Sky Chief

Adam Lind as a Syracuse Sky Chief

Word is out, The Toronto Blue Jays can hit. They are first in the AL in Hits, At Bats, Runs, 2 base hits, 3rd in Home Runs, 1st in RBI, 2nd in Slugging, and first in Batting Average. That is impressive. Now granted the season is young and these numbers will level out. That is a fact. Baseball is a game of averages. The averages will always catch up with a team. Although the Blue Jays, in a division they are picked to finish next to last or dead last in can hang their hats on a hot 6-2 start with extremely impressive hitting stats. They have 9 guys hitting .300 or better right now. Adam Lind has an .417 On Base Percentage and is slugging .717 while holding an average of .400. That my friends is a nice start.

Meanwhile, their ace Roy Halladay is 2-0 and has struck out 9 batters so far. If someone else on that staff can step it up through out this season and the hitters can stay half has hot as they are now we are all looking at a suprisingly good baseball team.

Nick Adenhart Killed

April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhartwas killed in a car crash early this morning in LA. Adenhart was a rookie for the Angels and pitched just last night. He threw 6 scoreless innings in only his 4th major league start. This is a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

AL Predictions

April 8, 2009

americanleague460The American League can always be tricky. You never know what could happen. No one really plays small ball, the DH throws people off, and defense usually comes last while building a team. This year should be an interesting and fun year for the American League.

The AL East will once again have the Yanks and the Bo Sox contending in the top spot. However the rolls are a little reversed this year. The Red Sox have those veterans that are suppose to prop them up in the long run. John Smoltz and the ageless one Tim Wakefield in the rotation. Meanwhile the Yanks are going to have to rely on Cody Ransom, the unproven journeymen, and Brett Gardner in center. I love Gardner’s upside but lets just say he isn’t Mickey Mantle.    I do believe that this is the Rays division to win. They have what is basically the same team coming back off of last years World Series appearance except they added Pat Burrell from the Phillies. If they stay healthy and the young guys,Scott Kazmir, Matt Garza and Evan Longoria play to form they are dangerous.

The American League Central should be interesting. First off, if there is a more entertaining manager then Ozzie Guillen of the White Sox I don’t know who he is. I want them to squeeze it out just so I can see him in October. I think this is the Indians division to win. Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee (he will come around) are 2 of the best players in baseball.

The AL West is weak over all. I do think that the Angels are too severely weakened with the loss of Mark Texiera and Fransisco Rodriguez to win the division. The A’s with the additions of Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi are ready to take over that division and head to the playoffs.

That is it for now I will be back shortly with more on the American League.