Garza says No NO

Matt Garza threw the first no hitter in the history of the Tampa devil Rays and the fifth this year as the Rays took down the tigers 5-0. His only blemish was a walk in the second inning. Garza being the classy guy that he is refused to take the credit deffering it to the fabulous defense that played behind him. Matt is having a good year at 11-5  but he has been up and down. Believe it or not there are still two other teams in the majors that have never had a no hitter. The Mets and the Padres are still without one.

I like the sudden turn this season away from sluggers to pitching duels. I think a lot of talented young pitchers are all starting to bloom at the same time and an age where great pitching once again will dominate baseball is not far off. If you include the missed call perfect game there have been six no hitters this season. Will there be seven? maybe. I think it would be cool if we had another no hitter or perfect game during the world series. I have Don Larsons Perfect game on Dvd and I watch it every year before the big series. Maybe this will be the year.

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