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The New Yankee Stadium

April 20, 2009

concourse-2concourseGenevosey and Between the poles took a trip to the new stadium over the weekend.  Granted I got to see the Yankees get blasted by the Tribe 22-4.  However, this did not take away from the splendor of the new palace that is Yankee Stadium. The place is beautiful.  The grand concourse upon walking in through gate 6 just drops your jaw.  There are banners of your favorite all time Yanks hung through the whole of the concourse. As soon as I walked in I saw my favorite Yank Paul O’Neil’s banner hung high.  It was breathtaking to say the least.  The one thing that is for sure, you will not go hungry in the new stadium. You may go broke, but not hungry.   There is everything from normal ballpark fare to sushi.  It is amazing the thought that has gone into this venue. 

The most amazing part of the whole place is that when you are out at your seat it looks and feels like your accross the street.  That magic is still there.  Another cool thing is that when you walk to get food or any where in the stadium you can see out onto the field ala Turner Field in Atlanta, or Progressive Field in Cleveland. 

If you love the Yanks or hate them should make no difference. This park is simply put the most amazing thing I have ever seen and I have been to several ballparks.  It has, as Tom Verducci and Joe Torre say about the stadium and teams of the 90’s “The Yankee Years”  mystique and aura.  Plus it has all the amenities for a 21st century ball park.   If you got a Bijillion dollars then I say go see a game there ASAP.