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Pedro Plans to pitch

April 6, 2010

Pedro Martinez has announced his intent to pitch this season. Last season the 38 year old future hall of famer made a mid season appearance with the Phillies and went 5-1 with an ERA of 3.63.He will begin a throwing regiment this week and hopes to entice a contender to take a chance on him down the stretch. He wants to pitch on the East Coast and it would not surprise me if the Phillies reacquire him. There would also be a bunch of people that would like to see him back with the Red Sox. ( The back end of their rotation is sketchy at best) It would also be interesting to see him land in the Bronx. If the injury bug should bite the Yankees would be the only way I could see it happening as the Yankees on paper anyhow have the best rotation in the American League.

Wherever he lands he will surely bring alot of media attention with him and will fill some empty seats. Im putting my money on a return to Philadelphia,