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Tigers Scoop Washburn

July 31, 2009

The Tigers have scooped Jarrod Washburn from the Mariners. This should help sure up their starting rotation.  The Yankees were looking at him as well. Apparently though sources say that Seattle wanted Austin Jackson or Miguel Montero two of the Yankees top position prospects.  Suffice it to say Jarrod Washburn has laned in MoTown.

By Michael Genovese


Report: Manny, Ortiz had positive tests in 2003

July 31, 2009

Report: Manny, Ortiz had positive tests in 2003

david-ortiz_0The Manny thing is no big surprise to anyone being that he just came off a 50 day suspension for it. But the David Ortiz thing is a bit more intriguing.

Ok the first thing that I find Helarious is when he says the announcement that he tested positive blindsided him . Then he went on to say “I want to talk about this situation and I will as soon as I have more answers. In the meantime I want to let you know how I am approaching this situation. One, I have already contacted the Players Association to confirm if this report is true. I have just been told that the report is true. Based on the way I have lived my life, I am surprised to learn I tested positive.”Two, I will find out what I tested positive for. And, three, based on whatever I learn, I will share this information with my club and the public. You know me — I will not hide and I will not make excuses.”

Ok MR. Papi if you want to keep it real here is my one, two , three of it all . One the only thing you are shocked about is that the report ever came out. Two, you know what you tested positive for because you were the dummy who took it, Three, don’t stand there and insult everyones intelligence by acting all surprised and saying you that you wont hide anything or make excuses. Seems to me you have already been hiding the fact that you cheated for six years.

Ok A-rod did the whole I never used steroids thing for a while and it was a lie. We all get it, but at least when he was caught he came clean and said what he did when he did it how he did it and for how long he did it. David Ortiz is gonna stand there and say  What?, I tested positive for drugs, Let me go find out if its true, than let me find out what i tested positive for. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bottom line you cheated because you sucked. Hell you were non -tendered by the Twins because you sucked so bad. Then suddenly you became this great power hitter. Than the heat was a bit to much so you stopped taking them. Now you suck again. Don’t insult us your fans by deceiving  them ,they are to smart for that. Come clean about the drugs and come clean about being surprised about the drugs. When Jose Consaco was asked for a comment he simply said” Tell me something I didn’t already know”

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Rays pitcher Garza plunked Teixeira on purpose

July 30, 2009

Rays pitcher Garza plunked Teixeira on purpose

mattgarzaOK what this article should be called is “please fine me MLB because I am Dirty” It’s part of the game and we know that, when warranted. However nobody but Garza believes that Abaladajo or Chamberlain hit Longoria on purpose. But now that we know Garza likes to beam people on purpose look for the Yankees to retaliate next time these teams face off. Garza was stupid for doing it and even dumber for announcing it.

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Pirates deal Wilson, Snell to M’s for prospects

July 29, 2009

Pirates deal Wilson, Snell to M’s for prospectsmariners

Did you hear the news?, the Mariners are contenders!! They just dealt for Jack Wilson and Ian Snell in hopes to win the World Series. Did someone have the courtesy to tell them that they are 7.5 games out of their division and 6.5 games out of the wild-card and don’t have the depth of talent necessary to make the play-offs? I don’t think anyone did them this courtesy. Its a shame that teams can’t figure out when they should be building for next season as sellers instead of throwing away their prospects as if they were contenders. This move will hurt the Mariners for years. This means that the trading of Jared Washburn their biggest chip will probably not happen and they will lose him to free agency instead of bringing a small load of prospects that could have built their future. Some teams will never learn.

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Sources: Phillies to trade for Indians ace Lee

July 29, 2009

Sources: Phillies to trade for Indians ace Lee

This will be a good move for the Phillies who are trying to Win the NL East and hopefully a repeat trip to the WS. Philadelphia holds a comfortable 7 game lead in the East and it seems this move will be to lock down their rotation in the post season. Last year had an freak of a season at 22-3. He probably will never repeat that and has been less than brilliant this year going 7-9 in 22 starts with an era of 3.14. Still not a bad ERA his whoas come mainly from playing on a bad team in a tough division. He should do well with the Phils.

Personally I don’tcliffl think it will be enough to compete with the dominate Dodgers in a long series but anything can happen.

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The Rose debate

July 28, 2009

Commissioner of baseball Bud Selig was reported to have been rethinking Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball. The story started when Hank Aaron was quoted during hall of fame weekend saying that “I would like to see Pete in, he belongs there.” Rose has been banned for 20 years for betting on baseball as a manager.  The Commissioners office squashed the rumor from the Daily News almost immediately. According to Selig’s office there is no movement on Pete’s ban. According to the Chicago Tribune Selig was so angry about the Daily News report that he thought about issuing a statement to the contrary.  Movement or no movement this gives me a chance to give my opinions on this situation. With no further pre-amble here they are.

Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader. He has played in more games than anyone else ever. They called him Charlie Hustle. He was a 17 time all-star. How many games did he tank on purpose as a player? I will tell you how many, none if you look at the stats. As a manager he bet on his own team and baseball in general. However, no one ever reported to my knowledge that he bet against his own team. Either way, he is wrong for doing that as a manager and should have been punished. With that being said, it has been 20 years, 20 long agonizing years. As a player I don’t think he blew any games ever. How can you hit the ball more than anyone ever and still blow games?

Gambling is a disease. It is an addiction that is hard to overcome. I have known many addicts in my life and they all do things they wouldn’t normally do to feed that addiction. This does not give him a pass. Rose was dumb for betting on the game. Of course people who say that what he did was just as bad as the use of performance enhancing drugs are just crazy. That is just plain stupid in my opinion. Bonds hit 73 home runs in a season and made a joke of the sport and 2 of the most hallowed records in the game. Pete Rose got into debt and bet on his team to win a game. He may have bet on them to win by 2 runs instead of 3 sure, but apples to oranges.

Baseball needs to lift the ban on Pete Rose. It’s time. Do I think anyone would hire him to manage, probably not? I do think though that he could be a hitting coach somewhere. He has helped A Rod out in recent years and he does pretty well last time I checked. Most importantly he needs his day at Cooperstown. He is the all time hit king and he got those hits with talent, heart, and hustle. Give him his day.

By Michael Genovese

Tim Lincecum is not human

July 28, 2009

TimLincecum_2007_035No I’m not saying hes an Alien so don’t go all sci-fiction me. I’m saying that he has a change-up that is so good it isn’t fair and should be banned from baseball. Yesterday Tim threw a 4 hitter striking out 15 Pirates in the Giants 4-2 Victory. Now I know what you are saying, your saying” Mike come on now its the pirates, they are horrible. My grandmother would probably K 10.” Yes they are bad but they are still MLB ball players capable of winning on any given day.
Tim has 183 strikeouts in 148 innings and 97 of them have been via the change-up. He also holds an 11-3 record with an ERA of 2.30. I will bet anyone all the change in my pocket that he wins another CY Young this year. That would be two in a row and at 25 years old makes him not human. Last year he was brilliant, this year he is not even human. I cant wait to see what this guy’s pay raise will be when he hits free agency he isn’t even making a million this year and is hands down the best pitcher in the game. San Fransisco better enjoy him while they can because if he hits the open market they will never be able to afford him. The Giants are an improved team and if they were in any other division besides one that has the Dodgers they might have a chance at the division. They are only 1 game back in the wild-card and that is their best chance at the WS. They better get hungry because if this guy keeps playing for a loser he won’t want to stay.