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Tom glavine cut by the Braves

June 3, 2009

T1_0805_oldglavine The Atlanta Braves have cut Tom Glavine. It was first reported by Buster Onley of ESPN The Magazine. I love it when Buster reports something worth while.  Maybe it had something to do with the trade the Braves made for Nate Mclouth from the Pirates. The Braves are not a team that has a lot of money and maybe Mclouth’s salary and the $1.0M to add Glavine to the active roster was just too much.  If Galvine stayed on the active roster for 30 days the team would owe him $1.25M more and then if he stayed on the active roster 60 days it would have been $1.25M on top of that.  McLouth also signed a 3 year $15M extension with the Braves as well.  It appears that this move is solely a economic one.

That is the real shame of it.  Tom Glavine just pitched 11 scoreless innings in his 2 rehab starts. Glavine also has said through his agent that he wants to keep pitching.  The fact that he was tearing up his rehab starts and was ready to come back to the team makes this all the more sad.  This is a guy who comprised the best starting rotation in the majors for years with John Smoltz and Greg Maddux. He took the Braves to 5 World Series appearances including one win.  What do they do to show their gratitude, they release him after he pitches 11 scoreless innings in 2 rehab starts.  I for one hope he picks up someplace else.  He can still be productive for a team somewhere as a 4th or 5th starter.  My friend Mike Rook has informed that he could be a good fit for the Mets, Phillies, or the Rays. I agree. We will have to wait and see.