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Big mouth Braden pitches a perfect game

May 9, 2010

26 Year old Dallas Braden threw the first perfect game for the A’s in 40 years. The last was by the great Catfish Hunter in 1968 against the Twins. He did it in 109 pithes and had six strikeouts. The last perfect game to be thrown was also against the Rays by Mark Berlehe last summer.

Braden is best known for yelling at A-Rod for running across the mound while returning to the Dug out. What really made him mad is that Arod shrugged it off like he was overreacting. First off he was overreacting, secondly if you are a 26 year old nobady you dont yell at the best player in the game. At the end of Bradens perfect game he apparently hugged his grandmother to which Aj Burnett watching in the Yankees Clubhouse yelled, don’t run over his mound granny.

Congrats to Braden for throwing a perfect game unfortunately it doesnt remove your label as being a loud mouth Douche. It just makes you a loud mouth douche that can pitch.


Phils to start Pedro vs. Cubs, put Moyer in ‘pen

August 11, 2009

Phils to start Pedro vs. Cubs, put Moyer in ‘pen

PHILLIES_PEDRO_MARTINEZ_3a8fTomorrow night the Phillies will start Pedro Martinez against the Chicago Cubs and Move ageing Veteran Jamie Moyer (46) to the bullpen. This is a gutsy move if there ever was one. Although Moyer has not pitched as well this season as he has in the past he does have 10 wins. Pedro has not had 10 or more wins sense his first season with the mets in 2005 when he went 15-8. Pedro has had shoulder problems ever sense. I’m not convinced he is gong to be that good. He looked pretty bad in rehab starts posting an ERA of 5.11 over 3 games. My fearless prediction: 5.1 innings 5 runs on 8 hits with 4 strike outs and a no decision. If I’m right who’s gonna give me a quarter?  That’s what I thought. Or In the immortal words of my friend Mike Geovosey Hes gonna look like Ricky Vaughn before he got glasses.

Again they are selling ice cubes in hell because the Pirates can pitch.

April 21, 2009

Thats right you heard me the Pittsburgh Pirates pitching has been surprisingly good as they have four shut outs already this season doubling  the number they had all last year.Ross Olendorf ,who the Pirates got as part of the Xavier Nady and Domaso Marte to the Yankees Deal , pitched a gem against the hottest team in baseball. He went seven innings allowing only 3 hits as the Pirates ended the Florida Marlins 7 game winning streak with a 8-0 victory.Astros Pirates Baseball

The Pirates also had two shut outs against Atlanta over the weekend winning 3-0 and 10-0 before losing the series finale 11-1 on Sunday. Although expectations for the Pirates aren’t all that high this year and they are currently 7-6 their pitching looks better than their 5.10 era they put up last season. The difference has been that they are getting ahead of hitters early and are staying aggressive in the zone. They are also starting to provide  run support for their starters. In their 7 wins they have scored 51 runs, but in their 6 loses they have only 9.

They key for the Pirates is to have their starters go deep. If they are forced to use their weak bull-pen early in games it will spell disaster. They also need to be more patient at the plate. Their hitting is good enough against most teams #4 or #5 starters, however against better pitching they are swinging at some bad pitches.

The Pirates are an improved team this year and are playing with some confidence. For a team that hasn’t had a winning season sense 1992 confidence can do a lot. Will they have a winning season this year? It’s possible but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

Reds interested in Sheffield — in limited role

April 3, 2009

Reds interested in Sheffield — in limited role

I’m still a believer that there is a full time job out there for Gary Sheffield even at 40 years old. It surprises me that all these national league teams are expressing interest. I understand that Shef wants an opportunity to go to the World series this season and the Phillies are probably his best chance at that not the Reds.

Sheffield has said he would love to play for the Rays. (Its his hometown) I would think they would be crying for a right handed slugger 13s-Sheffieldgiven their light hitting line-up. It also surprises me that the Royals are quiet they should be desperate.

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Joba pleads guilty

April 2, 2009

joba-chamberlain-yankeesAfter getting his arraignment postponed four times Joba Chamberlain finally got his day in court. Joba was pulled over Oct. 18 by police on the outskirts of Lincoln. Authorities say his blood-alcohol level was 0.134 percent. The legal limit in Nebraska is 0.08 percent.

Joba faced the judge today and pleaded guitly and was given 9 months probation and a $400 fine. He will also lose his licence for 60 days and take an alchol education class. As part of a plea deal the open container charge was dropped.

“I am glad to put the legal aspect of this behind me,” Chamberlain said in a statement. “I made a mistake and hope over time to turn this into a positive learning experience for me and others.”

Phils looking for some outfield help.

April 1, 2009

jonesnSeems the Philadelphia Phillies may have some interest in both Gary Sheffield and Andruw Jones. To Replace recently release Geoff Jenkins.

Sheffield was released yesterday by the Detroit Tigers and Jones is competing with Frank Catalanato for a spot on the 25 man roster with the Texas Rangers. From what I have been hearing it seems that Jones most likely will win that spot, however that doesn’t mean that couldn’t change if the Phillies want to make a deal for him.

I would think Sheffield is the better option for thePhillies offensively, however there still is the question on whether or not he will be able to preform in the field .  Here’s an Idea, Ruben Amaro Jr the Phillies new Gm should call up Brian Cashman and see what they have in trade for Melky Cabrera who recently lost his starting CF job to Rookie Brett Gardner.  Now I’m not saying I have heard anything like this but If it comes true just remember who called it first.

Braves lock up Chipper for 3 more years.

March 31, 2009

chipHow can it be a bad move signing an extension for the best switch hitter ever to play the game. It can’t. The Braves locked up Chipper Jones for another 3 years worth $42 million dollars.

How can you go wrong signing a guy who batted .364 last year. (no that’s not a misprint) Jones seems to be getting better with age: He has registered three consecutive seasons with an OPS better than 1.000. On a per at-bat basis, Jones is extremely productive for a 36 year old and 3 years doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Now keep in mind that Chipper is not going to be an everyday player, he hasn’t played more than 137 games sense 2003, but even missing 40 or so games hes still the man. How many guys can say they havent hit less than 25 home runs sense 1993?

A six-time All-Star, Jones was the NL’s Most Valuable Player in 1999. His .310 career batting average ranks second among switch-hitters, trailing only Frankie Frisch’s .316. He has 408 home runs, trailing only Mickey Mantle (536) and Eddie Murray (504) in homers by a switch-hitter. He is the only switch hitter with 300 HR and a career .300 BA . So is it really a reach to call him the greatest switch hitter of all time?

Now that we have concluded that Jones is awesome lets consider his worth over the next three years. Due $10 million this season in the option year of a contract that began in 2006, Jones gets a $3 million signing bonus as part of the new deal, payable in $1 million installments each Jan. 15 starting next year.
Jones receives annual salaries of $13 million from 2010-12 and can earn $1.5 million a year in performance bonuses: $750,000 each for 135 and 140 games.
His contract contains a $9 million option for 2013 that would become guaranteed if he plays in 123 games in 2012 or averages 127 games in 2011-12. The option price could increase by up to $4 million: $1 million each for 128, 133, 138 and 140 games in 2012 (or averages of 132, 137, 138 and 140 in 2011-12). In addition, he could earn $1.5 million in performance bonuses based on the earlier criteria.
If the vesting option fails to become guaranteed, the club would hold a $7 million option.
Taking into consideration his health and ability I predict his stats over the life of the contract  to look like this

2009:  .320 BA  27 HR  85 RBI

2010:  .300 BA  22HR  80 RBI

2011.  .3334 BA  32HR  90 RBI

2012   .298 BA  20HR  76 RBI

If he could put up these numbers is he worth it?  Definitely! People talk like hes already 40 when he is only 36. This contract all but guarantees that he will retire a Brave. and probably one of the greatest Braves of all time.

Watch his hitting mechanics in this video. This is why he is great!