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game 3 is underway

October 31, 2009

After an hour and a half rain delay game three is finally here. I won’t take up a bunch of your time with a long pre-game because you are missing the action if you are reading this.

1. we are in the national league park so no DH. This benefits the Phillies. However Pettitte has pitched in the national league and is no slug with the bat.

2.Cole Hamels is a shell of the pitcher that won the World Series MVP last year. His fast ball is on a rope and has no movement on it. Look for this to benefit A-Rod.

3. Pettitte has won more  games in the post season than any other pitcher EVER. He doesn’t have four world series wins because he doesn’t come up big when it counts. Count on it!

4. Look for pitching dominance early from both sides but long about the forth inning look for the Yankees to silence the crowd with the second time thru the order.

5. Pettite has a great move to first, probably the best in baseball look for the running game of the Phillies to be stifled

5. Enjoy the game and we will talk about the aftermath tomorrow.


My Problem With Yankee Stadium

October 31, 2009


I have a big issue with the Yankee faithful during the first two games of the World Series. I am a Yankee fan and have been to the new stadium twenty times this year. I have sat in all different sections of the stadium as well. The passion is in the bleachers. In the bleachers you can get a sense of “yeah we care what happens here.” However, the first two games of the World Series just didn’t have that feel for me.

Granted I watched both of those games on TV and can’t speak for the atmosphere inside the park. I can tell you it translated to the TV as being a quiet ball park. Their was a tense feeling all throughout the crowd. A friend of mine was at game two and he was sitting behind home plate in the sky suite section of the stadium. He said he was not impressed with the passion of the fans. He also went on to say that it did get loud after the Yankees tied the game up.  My problem with the whole thing is simple, where is the passion all the time? The ballpark across the street used to be rowdy all the time.  This playoff season I just don’t get that feel. I attended game one of the ALCS and I sat out in the bleachers. I can say people were fired up and it was loud. Is the World Series more subdued because of the fact the Yankees haven’t won in 9 years? It is a good question but I do feel that in order for the Yankees to get a win, if the series comes back to NY, they need that crowd to be loud and crazy the whole time.

So my open statement to the Yankee faithful; if this series comes back to the Bronx get fired up! Let the Phillies know we are there for the Yankees and not to see Kate Hudson and Jay-Z. The last thing I want is for Yankee Stadium to turn into the Staples Center. In Los Angeles people go to the Lakers game because it is a status thing. I don’t want that in the Bronx. I want the prices to be affordable and I want rabid baseball fans at these games getting loud and playing a factor in games.  Yankee fans go back and watch a tape of Aaron Boone’s homerun or Posada’s double earlier in that game and watch your reactions then. It was passion, heart, and a love for all things Yankees. Let’s get back to that!

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

Yankees got exactly what they needed

October 30, 2009

stadium The last thing the Yankees wanted to do was to head to Philly down 2-0. They asked AJ Burnett to come up big and that is exactly what he did. AJ was as good as he has been all year.Burnett went 7seven innings giving up just one run on four hits and struck out nine. Mariano Rivera came in and did what he does for the last two innings and the Yankees came away with a 3-1 victory.

Pedro Martinez was as advertized no longer the overpowering fireballer of the late 90’s replaced with the finesse pitcher of today. Eventually the Yankees figured him out and he gave up Home Runs to Mark Teixeira and Hideki Matsui . Jorge Posada added a pinch hit single in the seventh that scored Brett Gardner. Martinez left the game having gone 6 innings giving up 3 runs on 6 hits with 8 strikeouts.

With the series tied 1-1 both teams will take tomorrow to travel to Philly where Andy Pettitte will face off against Cole Hamels on Saturday. If you have been following along, Hamels has a post season ERA of 6.76 and Pettite is 3-0 with  more post season wins then anyone else in the history of the game. Im going to give the advantage here to the Yankees in game three.

After game three it will get interesting. If the Yankees win and go up 2-1 will they start Chad Gaudin in game four or will they start Sabathia on short rest? I would say if they lose they certainly will start Sabathia and I believe they will either way. But Joe Girardi will not be letting anyone see this card anytime soon so we will just have to wait it out and see what happens.

Back tomorrow night with much more, stay tuned

Is Aroldis Chapman the best free agent ?

October 29, 2009

Agent: Chapman impressed after Red Sox visit

chapmanAroldis Chapman is going to be the most sought after pitcher in baseball.  The 21 year old lefty  throws 100 mph and had a plus slider to match.  He is easily the best free agent on the market and will require that kind of money as well. My guess is it will take a four year deal worth around 60 million dollars to even get him interested.

So you guessed it folks it will probably come down to a bidding war between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Red Sox need a number three starter more than anyone and Chapman would fill that role better than anyone. With Chapman their rotation would look something like this. Beckett, Lester, Chapman,Dice K and Wakefield. The way I see it that would be a killer rotation. It would certainly make .up for their failed experiments with Paul Byrd and John Smoltz

On the other hand the off-season will bring many questions for the Yankees rotation. Will Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain be in the Rotation or have they found a permanent home in the Pen? Will Andy Pettitte be back for another year in Pinstripes? What will become of Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre? My guess is that Andy will return for an encore year. He is only 37 not 47 like people make him out to be.

If the Yankees were to get Chapman this is how I see their rotation. 1. CC Sabathia, 2. AJ Burnett 3. Aroldis Chapman, 4. Andy Pettitte, 5. Chad Gaudin. I think that Hughes and Chamberlain in the pen gives the Yankees the best bull pen in baseball and I think they know it.

There are a few other teams interested in talking to Chapman including the Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, and Rangers. But you know it and I know it, it will come down to the Yankees and the Red Sox just like it always does.

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October 29, 2009

concourse 3Game one of the World Series is in the books. It was the Cliff Lee and Chase Utley show. The combination of the two put the Yankees hope for a one game lead in the World Series to bed. Cliff Lee embarrassed the entire Yankee lineup except Derek Jeter who was 3-4 at the plate and had the only Yankee extra base hit. Of course Yankee fans expect Jeter to play well on the World’s biggest stage. It’s the rest of the team that got chumped by Lee. Good news for the Yankees though because Lee can’t pitch all the games.

On the flip side CC Sabathia took the hill for the Yankees. CC threw seven full innings of 2 run ball. That is a great outing for a starter in the World Series. His only mistakes came when he threw two bad pitches to Chase Utley who promptly planted both in the seats. In the end the Yankees lost six to one.

Eleven of the last twelve World Series have been won by the team that won the first game. That is not a strong omen for the Yankees. However, tonight the Yankees see their old nemesis Pedro Martinez. This is a matchup that favors the Yankees. Their switch hitters can all take advantage of a diminished fast ball and a short porch in right field. As long as AJ Burnett shows up to pitch and doesn’t walk his normal four batters in a game I look for the Yankees to tie this series at home before heading to the equally hitter friendly park in Philadelphia.  Game two should be exciting to say the least and  I do believe this series is going to go seven games like I previously stated. Enjoy the Fall Classic.

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

2009 World Series Game One

October 28, 2009

A-Rod Its about two hours before game time and its time to look at the starting line-ups and what the keys to victory are for both the Yankees and the Phillies and then we will make a prediction.


Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Melky Cabrera CF

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (3-0, 1.19 ERA in postseason)

Jimmy Rollins SS
Shane Victorino CF
Chase Utley 2B
Ryan Howard 1B
Jayson Werth RF
Raul Ibanez DH
Ben Francisco LF
Pedro Feliz 3B
Carlos Ruiz C

Pitching: LHP Cliff Lee (2-0, 0.74 ERA in postseason)

TIME/TV: 7:57 p.m., FOX


Yankees Keys to game one : The Yankees keys to success start and end on the shoulders of CC Sabathia. This is the biggest game of his career so far and he has been great. He needs to go at least seven innings and leave with the lead.

Alex Rodriguez needs to continue his path of greatness. He is having one of the most brilliant post seasons in the history of baseball. If it continues there is no way the Yankees lose.

Phil Hughes needs to pitch to potential: In the Regular season Phil was money. So far in the post season he has not been that guy. If the Yankees can get stability out of Hughes, Chamberlain, Rivera it makes it a 6 inning game which spells trouble for the Phillies.

Joe Girardi needs to play smart baseball. Joe is definitely a different style manager than the old Joe (Torre) who managed more from his gut. Girardi needs to make the smart moves as opposed to the popular moves. I think he has learned a lot already from the playoffs.

Phillies Keys to VictoryCliff Lee has to pitch like he is a Cy Young winner not like a slub. He can be great and has been great. CC is a soldier and Lee needs to keep the Phillies in the game and go pitch for pitch.

Ryan Howard: Howard needs to have a big night. If there is anyone that can crush the ball on CC it will be Howard.

Run the bases well: When the Phillies get runners on base they need to be aggressive and smart. Play for the one run, steal a bag, bunt a guy over. One run could mean the difference tonight.

Brad Lidge needs to not blow it. So many times during the regular season he choked and blew a save. If any team can come from behind its the Yankees if the Phillies get a lead they better keep it.

In my mind the winner of tonight’s game will have a huge advantage for the rest of the series. Both pitchers are great, but CC at home and A-Rod hitting over .400 in the post season. I’m going with the Yankees 7-3

Heres an interesting news clip

October 28, 2009

This had me in stitches. This poor reporter trying to talk about World Series saftey.