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Cubs closer decision the right one

March 30, 2009

At the Beginning of Spring training for the Cubs we all knew it would be a war for the closer role between Kevin Gregg whom they acquired from the Marlins and Carlos Marmol who brilliantly set up for Kerry Wood last season.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella named   Gregg the closer on Sunday and said he’ll keep  Marmol in his same setup role. Marmol was disappointed at the news.

Marmol 26, is 8 for 11 in save opportunities but as a set-up man for Wood, who left for Cleveland as a free agent, last season led the league in strikeouts by a reliever recording 114 .  Gregg 30, was named to the all-star team last year  and has 61 saves over the past two seasons. His career mark being 62 for 77 in saves.

Marmol  is still young and will have plenty of opportunities to land the closing role in the future.Marmol missed some time to play in the WBC and this may have cost him in the long run. Gregg   has not given up a run in 8 1/3 innings over nine spring games. Marmol will defer to his setup job where he was so strong last season.

With this One two punch at the end of the game opponents will be forced to have the lead in seven innings or likely be shut down. This move is the right one and will likely make the Cubs a favorite in their division.