Mike Rook:

Thats me king of the foul pole, master of my domain yada yada yada. Im from a small town near Rochester NY called Farmington. (which my wife has lovingly dubbed the land that time forgot and not in a good way) I have been a lifelong fan of baseball and a closet Yankees fan ever sense they gave Reggie his own candy bar. I was the founder of Yankees Muse and Yankees Guy and the former editor of Yankees Online magazine. Besides this gem of a creation I am a writer for Bronxbaseballdaily and manage a restaurant. My wife and I have 7 kids 5 dogs and 3 cats. Its a crazy life. I think I need one of those reality TV shows.

Mike Genovese:

Mike is a Native New Yorker who has been transplanted in Jersey. Originally from Rome NY Mike graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a master’s degree in Sports Management and Administration. He wrote for and is the author of Deep thoughts with Gene Vosey.

Megan Marshall

also known in the baseball underworld as YankeeMeg

Cool, baseball addicted mom of the best little boy on Earth. She likes her steak medium rare. Meg’s refusal to eat vegetables until she was 14 has made her into a Pulitzer prize winning type a gal who claims to be able to hum and whistle at the same time. Hopefully she will possess a strong hatred for all the ESPN commentators and bloggers and may one day be known as the woman who takes down Peter Gammons with a hip throw.

Conor Cashel

Conor is originally from Weschester, NY, but has recently moved
to the greater Boston area. Conor has been a die-hard baseball fan
since kindergarten, focusing his obsession on the Yankees. Conor is a
co-founder of Yankee blog, 6pound8ouncebabyjoba . Conor is still writing for 6P8OBJ, but is thrilled to be with
BTFP. He hopes to be a sports journalist.

Brenden Monroe

Brenden Monroe has been a die-hard Yankee fan ever since he wore
diapers. Currently a Senior Mass Communications major at SUNY Oneonta,
Brenden is the creator of Smoking With Hank, a soon to be popular
Yankees blog. He is also the sports editor of his school paper, a
radio DJ, and co-creator of a sports talk TV show on campus.
After he is done being an extremely busy college student, Brenden hopes
to become a sports journalist or announcer. If those professions don’t
pan out, he plans on playing the lottery until he wins enough money to
buy a pro sports team.

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