Don’t sleep on the Rays!

The American League East is starting out in a crazy way this season.  Sure Baltimore is at the bottom of the heap like always, no surprise there. However, The Blue Jays and the Red Sox are locked in 3rd place with a 10-11 record. Not the scorching start Bostonians had in mind. The most glaring statistic is that with a 12-7 record and winning their first 5 out of 6 series The Bronx Bombers are still only in second place. The Tampa Bay Rays are holding down the top spot with a 15-5 record. They are hotter then Oliva Wilde right now. Of course it’s early. Of course everything could be different in a month. Say what you will, right now the Tampa Bay Rays are the team to beat.

If we take a closer look at the Rays you can see that their winning ways are no fluke. They are clearly talented earning a trip to the World Series two short years ago. Twenty games into the season and the Rays lead the AL East in Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases, and are tied for first in batting average.  Not to shabby. They are winning games with their bats right now.

Don’t worry though they are also winning games with their arms as well.  They lead the entire American League in wins. They are tops in the AL East in ERA and except for the Yankees have let up the least amount of hits. Pretty solid all the way around.

I am not an expert on anything but I do know that if you score more runs then everyone and let up the fewest you are going to win about 15 out of your first 20 games ya heard! Will the Rays fall off? It’s sure possible. Do they have some turmoil right now? sure. Their catcher Dioner Navarro was just suspended two games for making contact with an umpire. That is the type of distraction that can really affect a team over the marathon season if it keeps happening.

All in all don’t sleep on the Tampa Bay Rays. They are tearing it up right now and are playing as well as anyone in the big leagues.

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