Where are the feared Red Sox

Before the season began all I kept hearing is how much better the Red Sox were going to be this year and that they were what was standing in the Yankees way of repeat championships.

Now I know the season is very young and I know that they will be in the mix of things come playoff time so lets not even go there. Where we will go is the back end of the rotation. With Dice K on the DL I actually have to go look up who the Red Sox forth and fifth starters are. Wait here……… Bucholtz and Wakefield. Bucholtz I cant say to many bad things about he has good stuff and when he gets the green out from behind his ears I think he is going to be very good. But Wakefield? I cant believe this guy is still pitching. Beckett (their Ace) has only 1 win in three starts , Lester is 0-2  8.44 ERA, and Lackey is 1-1 5.63. If this continues thats not going to get it done. Getting Swept by the Rays after losing two out of three to the Twins has Boston at the bottom of the pack looking up. At 4-9 they are 6 games out of first.

Good news Boston fans, You have a cake schedule ahead of you. The next twelve games are against Texas,Baltimore, and Toronto (who aren’t as easy as they look on paper . Its tough to say the Red Sox are in trouble this early in the year but if they go 4-8 in the next twelve I may reconsider.  Im still sticking with my earlier pick that its a two team race between the Yankees and the Rays for the AL East.

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