Do Nets need extension

Sorry basketball fans Im not talking about New Jerseys finest today ,what I do want to talk about is the baseball nets that protect the fans in foul territory.

After the unlikely beaning of Denard Spans mother of his own bat Span has made an appeal for more netting to be placed to protect fans. Span says he is surprised that more people haven’t died after being struck by a foul ball.

In truth their have been 52 such deaths throughout history.  Nets are in place to protect fans behind home plate where the distance to the stands is shortest but in truth dont extend far enough to protect fans . In reality the ball can come off the bat at speeds greater than 100 mph. This often leaves  little time for reaction ,especially if you are trying to eat a chili dog.

Personally I believe that the Nets are annoying and obstruct vision. I understand that they are needed for safety but perhaps they can develop a net that is invisible to the fan. Imagine that a net that you can  actually see thru.

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