The Braves are for real

I know It was a spring training game but either the Braves look real good or Detroit looks real bad. These are the facts as I saw them

1. Melky Cabrera still has a great arm as he gunned a baserunner down at the plate by like ten feet.

2. Johnny Damon could not throw out me at the plate as he couldnt even hit the cutoff man fromshallow cf without a hop

3. Verlander is not human. I saw him throw a two seamer for a strike at 98 mph down in the zone that was unhittable. To bad the rest of his pithes werent as he gave up 3 runs on 6 hits in 5.2 innings

4. Jason Heyword  really is all that as the Rookie wem\nt 2 for 4 bringing  his spring training average up to 471 as he was told today that he would be the starting RF at 20 years old.

5.The Red Sux are kicking themselves for letting Saito go as he has been unhittable. Adding another scoreless inning with 2k

6. Billy Wagner is a freak of nature that can still dial it up to 98mph as he gave up one run on one hit but struck out the side.

7. I have noticed that I haven’t said much good about the Tigers. Well if there is some good its Brandon Inge who was a man without a position now is having a great spring is running the bases well and is batting .343

I cant say enough good things about the Braves this spring. I hope their rotation  is as solid as their Bullpen looks. I certainly think they are going to hit the ball around and may even give the phillies a run for their money.

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