Strasburg likely to start in Minors

Steven Strasburg is falling pray to the same tactic being used by every team these days when they have a Rookie superstar and they know they aren’t going to be competing. What the Nationals are likely to do is to start Strasburg in the minors in order to delay the clock on his major leauge time in service.Squeezing  an extra season out of him before he will become a free agent. Many of you are saying ,why would the Nationals be lying when they say that he still has things to work on , and that he is not ready for the Majors when he has never started a professional game in his life.

Lets be logical about this , the odds of the Nationals being competitive this year are one in a million . He is by far the best pitcher in their rotation.In spring training he has looked very polished. Strasburg has not given up a run in four innings over two starts. All that doesn’t matter because if they start him in the minors and then call him up later in the season they will gain a half year of his service before he becomes a free agent and can take his golden arm to a team who can pay him a billion dollars and compete for a championship. Who knows maybe that extra year will be the year that Washington becomes world Champions, and maybe Santa and the Tooth Fairy will pitch out of the bull pen too.

Seriously this has been a fairly conman practice now as some other names that have fallen victim of this recently include Tommy Hanson, David Price, and Matt Weiters. Just another case of good business getting in the way of the teams competitiveness. Then again we are talking about the Washington Nationals.

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