Mike Lowell Back in action,but still getting short end of stick

Mike Lowell is back on the field after rehabing since December when he had Surgery on his thumb. Lowell had been traded to the Rangers for a minor leaguer and Boston was prepared to eat all but 3 million of the gold glovers 12 million dollar contract.Then the deal went sour when Lowell failed his physical , hence the surgery.

Now the Red Sux have replaced the man who most revere as one of the classiest players in the game with Adrian Beltre who has never quite lived up to the hype that surrounded him.

Lowell is now learning to play first base and had a hit in two at bats over two innings of play. If he feels fine Tuesday they will give him 2 more and so on and so forth. It is yet to be determined what the Red Sox will do with Lowell. I hope that they show him the respect he deserves and trade him to a team that will give him an opportunity to play every day. They have screwed him over enough If they were to keep him as a bench player it would be the ultimate insult to a great champion who always gives his all in every game. I sincerly hope that the Red Sox find a suitable team for Lowell, hopefully in the American League, so that he can go 3-4 against them and as he rounds third base if I were him I would look over at Beltre and say ***K Y**!

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