Cliff Lee has officially become a Chump

It takes a special kind of person to get ejected from a spring training game. Anyone who says it was not deliberate is insane, includeing  Cliff Lee who denies its intention.

Ok Mr Lee, Lets look at it from this perspective. Fact: In the first inning you collided with the Diamondbacks  Catcher Chris Snyder. Fact: In the third inning when Mr Snyder came up to bat you pitched one inside to him backing him off the plate. Fact: On the very next pitch you threw one over his head causing the benches to clear. Fact: You were the only player ejected for these actions.

Oh yea thats right they were a couple of breaking balls that ” slipped” Mr Lee you are not only full of shit, you have officially joined the ranks of other players such as Manny Rimerez, , Jose Conseco, and Aj Prezinski and thus have been awarded the title Chump.

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