Not to pick on Rob Neyer but its what I do

ESPN analyist/blogger Rob Neyer Wrote in his Blog yesterday how it is inevitable that the Twins resign Joe Mauer but if its not that tradeing him to replace the loss of Joe Nathan is a bad idea.

Lets start with the idea that his resigning is inevitable. I think he wants to stay and I know the Twins want to keep him so that is a good start. It seems they are talking about  an extension and I think its “likely” that he does. The Twins however better be willing to cough up Texieria kind of money. If Mauer signs for less he is a fool for leaving so much money on the table.

The second part about tradeing him to replace Nathan leaves me scratching my head as to why anyone would need him to tell them thats a bad idea.The Twins arent that dumb. If anything history shows that they usually bring in a boat load of players whenever they trade a superstar.

Is spending 25% of your payroll on one player a good idea? Probably not, but Mauer is More to Minnesota than just the best player in the game he is a treasure and the face of the team. If they were to trade him the loss of Joe Nathan would have little or nothing to do with it and doesn’t even warrant the speculation that Neyer has given it.

So the bottom line is what will happen with Mauer. I don’t have the answer but Im going to predict that he resigns with the Twins for a lot of denero. I mean a lot! If not than he will be traded for another teams for thier best player and best prospect plus more. Thats how valuable this guy is.

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