who has the best rotation in the national leagu

In the American league it is easy the Yankees and the Red Sox. Followed by the Mariners and from their its anyones  guess. In the NL it is a little bit tricker to pick. Lets look at what I think the top four rotations in the NL are.

#3The Cardinals

1. Chris Carpenter. last year he was 17-9 with an ERA of 2.24

2. Adam Wainwright 2009 was 19-8 ERA 2.63 Sick nasty

3. Brad Penny 11-9 4.88 Much better in the national leauge

4. Kyle Loshe 6-10 4,74 plagued by injury in 2009 is healthy again

5. Rich Hill 3-3 7.80 new kid on the block has good stuff

1-3 definitely tough after that its a crap shoot. To bad the Cards don’t have anything else going for them

#3 Philidelphia

1 Roy Halladay 17-10 2.79 no intro needed

2. Cole Hamels 10-11 4.34 he is better than this

3. Joe Blanton 12-8 4.05 he is solid

4.JA Happ 12-4 2.93 hes is going to be awesome this year

5. Jamie Moyer 12-10 4.94 the ageless wonder

#2 and #1 were tough ones and some of you may be surprised. #2 is Arizona

1. Brandon Webb – An injury risk sleeper. Mark my words he will return to cy young form

2. Dan Harren – 14-10 3.14 Strike out ,king great control

3. Edwin Jackson 13-9 3.62 enough said

4. Ian Kennedy 0-0 0.00 is a control freak

5 Billy Buckner 4-6 6.40 continues to get better

And the number one Rotation in the National league (as seen by me) belongs to The San Fransisco Giants

1. Tim Lincecum 15-7 2.48 The Freak

2. Matt Cain 14-8 2.89 what a 1-2 punch

3.Barry zito 10-13 I still pic him on the A’s

4, Johnathon Sanchez 8-12 4.24 is wild but can throw a no hitter the next start after giving up nine runs.

5. Madison Bumgarner 0-0 0.00 There isn’t a Young number five guy with better stuff in the league surprisingly deceptive

There you have it any questions?

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