espn blogger has lost his cotten pickin mind

Ok I have made it well known that I feel that the writers over on ESPN are horrible. Now I’m not saying I’m better (but I’m not a professional writer) As far as professional writers go I wonder If guys like Rob Neyer even watch baseball. My grandmother had some good advise when she was alive it was ” Its better to remain quiet and be thought an Idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” Now I realize that she didn’t coin this phrase but its one that if Mr Neyer knew he might not have me blowing up his spot this very minute. The piece in question is titled “Mark Teixeira is whats right (and wrong) with the Yankees. He trys to make the point that your best player should be younger and a middle infielder not a first baseman. Lets start by saying why? Why does your best player need to be younger than 29? and why in the middle infield? I think as a 29 year old first baseman Mark should be able to play at a high level for at least ten more years. I love Mark Tiexeria and he had a great season last year but Im not sure if he is the best player on the Yankees. He certainly had the best season in 2009 no argument there. But I do contend that Alex Rodriguez is the best player on the team. Last year he only played 120 games and still hit 286 with 30 HR and 100 RBI. His 13 year average is 162 games hitting 44 HR and 128 RBI’s . Alex may one day pass Barry Bonds on the all time home run list and If 100% this season will open more than just a few eyes and is my pre-season pick for AL MVP. Now don’t get me wrong its very close as to who is the best but in my opinion A-Rod is one the best in the game and one day all time. Now the really funny part is this quote: Is there anyone now on the Yankees’ roster with a decent shot at being the best player in the American League in 2011? One of the five best players in the league? I don’t think so. Normally I refrain from profanity but are you fucking kidding me. This guy can’t really be this big of an idiot can he? Let me see who had a “decent shot” at being the best player in the AL in 2011? How about; 1. Alex Rodriguez 2.Mark Teixera 3. CC Sabathia 4. Derek Jeter 5. Mariano Rivera Hell even Robinson Cano has a decent chance at being the best in the al in 2011. Now Im not saying they are going to be but I wouldn’t bet money against any of them. I would bet money that more than one of them will be in the top five players in the American League if not all of baseball. I almost think that Neyer writes this BS just to create controversy and he couldn’t possibly believe what he is writing. But then I remember how much ESPN sucks and then I think maybe ESPN writes this crap to give me more evidence proving that I’m not just whistling Dixie over here. Maybe I should write a piece called the worst of ESPN. Maybe there is to much material and I wouldn’t know where to start.

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