The Red Sox did it wrong

The way the Red Sox have handled the Mike Lowell situation is a disgrace. Granted it was not expected that the trade with the Rangers was going to fall apart but the Red Sox have basically made it known that he is out and are not giving him any chance to make or stay with the club in any capacity. The Red Sox have stated that if he preforms well this spring than he will get traded faster.

If I was Lowell I would find some way to stick it to them. Mike’s replacement Adrian Beltre may be younger and a better defender but if Lowell is healthy the Sox will sorely miss his offensive production. I hope that Mikey lands with a team and hits a grand slam off Beckett and spits on Beltre’s shoes as he rounds third. He doesn’t deserve the way the Red Sox have treated him. Of course he is not the first to get run out of town by the Chowder heads , See :Nomar Garciapara and Manny Ramirez

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