Giants win

TimLincecum_2007_015 The Giants and Tim Lincecum have reached a two year contract agreement avoiding arbitration at the last minute. The deal pays TIm a $2 million dollar signing bonus $8 million this year and $13 million is 2011. The contract is also laced with incentives that will give Tim $200,000 if he reaches 225 innings, 500,000 if he wins a cy young, 250,000 for finishing second,100,000 for third,75,000 for forth and 50,000 for fifth. He will also get another $100,000 for wining the NL MVP and $75000 for WS MVP. (thinking they might as well have made that one another million) and $50,000 for league championship series MVP.

Tim definitely did well with this deal but so did the Giants. He may have made more going year to year with Arbitration but then again he may not have. Guaranteed money is the way to go for sure. check out this link put up by ESPN to see how long it would take you to earn Tim’s salary. It says I can make his salary in just short of 320 years. (I wonder if that includes overtime). Anyhow the Giants end up buying out two years of Arbitration and get to reap the benefits of a happy Freak for the next two years of his career after which if they want to keep him they need to be prepared to double what they are paying him now. If they expect to keep him away from the wolves. You know those teams which wipe their assess with $100 bills and will pay him $20+ million a year.

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