Giant fools

Giant fools may become Giant losers even if they win. We all know by now that Tim Lincecum  and the Giants are about to go to an arbitration hearing over a piddly five million dollars.timlincecum

Tim Lincecum (aka Freak)  has asked for a salary of 13 million in arbitration and the Giants have returned with a number of 8 million . Last season Mr.. Freak made $650,000,  a drop in the hat compared to the eight million that the Giants have offered him. Now I understand Tim wanting more Money and Frankly he is worth more money but these hearings are where things get ugly. There is no middle ground no settling and it will be the Giants responsibility to prove to a three person panel why Tim isn’t worth the 13 Million he is asking for. That is where things get ugly. The Giants say its because they would have to trim other salary commitments but the arbitration board is only interested in what Tim is Worth not what their other commitments are. During the process of The Giants convincing them that he is not worth the 13 million feelings will get hurt. In the end the Giants will probably win mainly because compared to other first year arbitration eligible pitchers 13 million is too much. Eight Million is a fair number and the Giants will win this in the short term. In the long run they may hurt the relations with Tim and when his contract is up in 2013 don’t think he will forget what is said at that hearing and the Giants short term victory will ultimately make them long term Fools.

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2 Comments on “Giant fools”

  1. mike rook Says:

    You may be right but the point is that no good will come of this hearing from either side. The Giants will be bringing up every little thing that will help prove their case as to why he is not worth the money. Including his drug conviction. I whole heartedly agree with you that Tim is worth the 13 million and then some. These people,(the arbitrators) are not baseball people they are business people and they don’t value the CY young as a golden challis like you and I do. This hearing will be ugly and there will be resentment and in the end they may lose any chance they had of locking him up in a long term deal.

  2. Says:

    No way the Giants win this hearing. Yes, $13 million is a lot of money for a first-time arbitration guy, but no one has ever entered arbitration with anything close to Lincecum’s track record. If Ryan Howard got $10 million instead of $7 mil in his first year, there’s no way an arbiter could value a two-time Cy Young winner at “only” $8 million.

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