AL Central Division

mauer Minnesota Twins- Joe Mauer is the gem of all catchers in baseball. He has it all he fields his position well and is one of the premier hitters in the game. Soon he will become a free agent and will make Mark Teixeira money. Im guessing it’s not with going to be with the Twins. The highest paid  player on their payroll is Joe Nathan who makes 11 million the odds of them paying someone twice that amount of money is slim. Beyond Mauer and Maybe Michael Cuddyer  and Justin Morneau who do the twins have that are going to lead them to the playoffs? When you go into the season with your highest paid pitcher being Carl Pavano you know you aren’t going very far. Twins will be staying home come October this year.

Detroit Tigers- How will the Tigers react to losing Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson. Who will replace their production? Granderson has energy and the people of Detroit loved him. He is truly one of the nice guys in the game. Edwin Jackson whom the Tigers picked up from the Rays is a talented young pitcher who is on the verge of really breaking out and having a huge season. The Tigers missed the playoffs by losing a heartbreaking one game playoff for the division title to the twins. The Tigers have some young talent in Austin Jackson but rushing him to the majors before he is ready is not going to help his development. They also have some talent in Brandon Inge and Miguel Cabrera. Like the Twins the Tigers are going in the wrong direction. Maybe they can get with the Twins and watch the playoffs on TV together.

Cleveland Indians– The loss of Victor Martinez and  Cliff Lee crushed the Indians. They had a horrible 2009 and didn’t do anything that would constitute a complete overhaul. Prediction: DEAD LAST AGAIN 

Kansas City Royals– The Royals are a team rebuilding. They haven’t had a winning season since 2003 when they went 83-79. Zack Grienke is the face of this franchise and he will be the man that will one day lead the Royals back into contention. Will it be in 2010? No it wont, but Billy Butler will have a killer year and provide most of the Royals otherwise abysmal offence leading them all the way up to forth place. Someday this young team will be winners just not today.

Chicago White Sox- So in a division full of losers somebody has to be a winner. This year it will be the White Sox. The Sox have been busy in the offseason adding Juan Pierre, Omar Vizquel, Mark Teahan,Andrew Jones and JJ Putz. Jake Peavy will be healthy and solidify the Sox rotation. After coming in third in 2009 the White Sox seem to be the only one in the Central that want to win. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they are going to win 95 games. What I am saying is that everyone else in the division will be lucky to win 80.

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