American League West 2010 preview

ichiro suzuki Now the American League I know a bit more about. Living on the East Coast and calling the Mets my home team representing the National League its always been more difficult to become a fan of the NL style of play. Not to mention the fact that having the pitchers bat is just giving away an out , but that is a story for another time. With the AL I am going to start with the intriguing West.

AL West

LA Angels – I don’t care if you call them the Los Angeles Angels , The Anaheim Angels, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or even the California Angels, without John Lackey and Chone Figgins the Angels are not going to win the west. Figgins was a terror on the base-pads and a run scoring machine from the lead-off spot. Lackey was the staff ace and only sure thing in what is a mediocre pitching staff. Who will be their Ace now ? Joe Sanders wasn’t bad but with an ERA on the wrong side of four he is more of a solid number three guy. Joel Pinero was awesome last season, in the national league. He has never pitched well in the AL. Ervin Santana is usually injured and Scott Kazmir has never quite lived up to his hype amid moments of greatness. Prediction Angels miss the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

Texas Rangers-  Injuries to Michael Young and Josh Hamilton crippled any playoff aspersions the Rangers had in 2009 down the stretch. The sale of the Rangers has been somewhat of a distraction but Nolan Ryan has done a good job improving the pitching staff for the future. The Rangers lack one more big Bat. Vladimir Guerrerro is not the answer to their offensive woes as he is to old and runs like an 80 year old woman.Prediction .500 baseball also missing the playoffs

Oakland Athletics-  I heard someone say that they felt the A’’s were a playoff contender. After I was done laughing so hard I wet myself I asked them to name five players who will make a difference on their Roster. What they do have is youth and talent that may fare well for them in years to come. 2010 prediction 70 wins = miss the playoffs

Seattle Mariners-  So that leaves us with the Mariners . They had the gem of an offseason that reminds me of the year that the Marlins won the world series. (yes that really did happen) The Mariners have one of the best rotations  in the game with Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee , Ryan Roland-Smith Ian Snell and Doug Fister. They added some good defense with SS Jack Wilson. Casey Kotchman brings defense and a Bat. A talented outfield in Suzuki, Gutierrez, Bradley and Byrnes will bring home a Division Crown to the gem of the west coast.

Next up will be the AL Central.

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