2010 Predictions National League

This is the Third year of Behind the foul Pole and the second year of our predictions . So here goes, Lets break it down division by division Starting with the NL

NL East

Phillies- The Phillies led the NL in Runs and Hr and with the addition of Roy Halladay they are only going to be better.

Marlins – the extension of Josh Johnson is big news for the Marlins. Cameron Maybin and Hanley Ramirez will have huge years and keep the Fish in the Hunt.

Braves- Losing Javier Vazquez is really going to hurt the Braves bad. I love Bobby Cox, he is one hell of a Manager. But with A 38 year old closer and Tommy Hanson still needing to dry off the backsides of his ears I don’t see The Braves doing much better than third if they are lucky.

Mets- The signing of Jason Bay is a good one for the Mets their offense  is going to keep them in the hunt. Once Beltran is healthy (probably by May, he needs micro fracture surgery) Look for The Mets to be competitive after an abysmal 2009. What keeps them from overtaking the Phillies is lack of Rotation depth. Santana will be fine, behind him its a lot of question marks.

Nationals- Look for Washington to build on last years 59 wins complement of Strasburg and Zimmerman.Don’t expect to much though, they are still the worst team in baseball and probably wont win more than 75 games.

NL Central

Cardinals – Winning this Division is no easy task. Unless you have a team of baseball players which the Cardinals seem to be the only team in the division that can put a solid team on the field. The Matt Holiday signing will keep them on top. Look for good enough season from him and Albert Pojols to keep Mark Mcguire from having to pick up a bat.

CubsMarlyn Byrd will certainly help the Cubbies put up some offensive numbers but with lack of pitching depth and Soriano seeming to have lost all discipline with the bat they will be watching the playoffs on TV.

Brewers– The Prince Fielder show is fun to watch and he will continue to be the face of the organization in 2010. Ever sense losing CC Sabathia the Brew Crew seems to have lost all sense of what it takes to have a competitive rotation. Last year the Brewers Rotation had an ERA on the wrong side of 4, don’t expect 2010 to be much better.

Reds- On a team that hasn’t had a winning record in a decade Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman may make an impact sooner than we all expect. Who knows maybe they will finish over .500. Who knows maybe the tooth fairy can pinch hit for them.

Astros- Should change their name to the geriatrics. A team of aging veterans that are all on the down side of their careers isn’t going to get them very far. Perhaps they can beat out the Reds for forth though.

Pirates- Just when you thought a team couldn’t be any worse than the Reds and the Astros along come the Pirates. Pittsburg at least has some young talent in the minors that could make them competitive sometime this decade.

NL West

Dodgers- The dodgers hope that Manny being Manny will bring the LA Blue to the promise land. I have to admit on paper they look to be just as tough as last year.

Rockies- The Rockies are a team that always seems to have a late surge and battle their way into the playoffs. Last year they did it with pitching rather than with the mighty bat. The Rockies can’t keep hoping to be the dream team that can come out of the weeds and steal a playoff spot. This year their luck will run out.

Giants- After inking Mark Derosa and Juan Uribe the Giants are finally going to put up some runs to go with their freakishly good pitching. I am going out on a limb and calling this divisions the Giants to lose. The Giants haven’t won the divison since 2003 maybe this is the year.

Padres and Diamondbacks- Both suck and will be bottom feeding with the Nationals as the three worst teams in the NL

There you have it , this is the way that I see the NL falling into place in 2010. Tomorrow I will preview the American Leauge. Guess who will be favored to win it all there?

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