Yankees pick up a Winn

randy-winn Randy Winn that is. The Yankees have come to terms with Randy Winn on a one year deal worth something in the neighborhood of  2 million dollars pending the results of a physical.

Winn has a horrible year with the Giants last year batting .262 in 149 games. On the surface you would think that isn’t to horrible but compared to the previous two years when he batted .300 or better it’s quite a slide. Winn is 35 years old and if he can regain his 2007/2008 form he will be a great addition. Winn is a switch hitter with a bit more power than Brett Gardner and is not a slouch on the base pads either. Last season he had 16 stolen bases only being caught twice. In 2008 he swiped 26 bases also only being caught twice.

Fielding , he is a plus defender with a good arm. Certainly an upgrade over Damon in that department. Winn can play all three outfield positions and will make a good Platoon partner for Brett Gardner and the flexibility to spell the other outfielders to keep them fresh.

The Yankees stated that they were on a tight budget and many of you did not believe this. Primarily because of the Yankees past history of sneaking in the  bushes and jumping in on the big names at the last minute. This deal makes perfect sense, the Yankees were able to make a low risk low budget move that may yield high rewards. If this works out Brian Cashman will again look like a genius if it doesn’t than it was not that much money to begin with.

It would seem that the Yankees may be done dealing and Johnny Damon is likely a man without a contract anywhere’s. Seems he will regret not excepting the offer that the Yankees made at 2 years 10 million. Now he will likely have to settle for even less with another team if he even gets a contract offer at all.

If I were to grade this move I would give it a B-  ( I wanted  Rocco Baldelli) If Winn can return to 2008 form it is more like an A

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