A’s go balls out

Ben-Sheets I have to admit it takes a lot of guts to spend 10 million dollars on Ben Sheets a pitcher who hasn’t pitched a full season sense 2008 and hasn’t pitched 200 innings sense 2004. Don’t get me wrong Ben Sheets is no Carl Pavano, when healthy he is certainly one of the premier names out there. But is 10 Million to big a risk on a rehab case?

Sheets has never pitched in the American League which is widely thought of as a more difficult league to pitch in. I think that statement is overplayed at times. NL numbers are usually a bit better because of pitchers batting. That being said Sheets has a Career record of only 86-83 in a league that pitchers bat in. In fact in Sheets eight Major league baseball seasons he has never even had 15 wins. Now I’m not saying that Sheets is a bad pitcher. Sheets has loads of talent and great stuff. What I am saying is that making a player with his history of injuries and questionable results the second highest paid player on your team truely takes balls. The Athletics are not contenders. Frankly they have not had a winning season sense 2006, it would seem to me that ten million dollars could buy a lot of young talent that might make them more competitive in years to come.  This move gets a C- in my book.

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