Mets trade for Gary Matthews Jr.

matthews Hell has froze over, pigs are flying and Eskimos are buying ice cubes. Why you ask? It’s because I agree with Buster Brown Olney on his evaluation of Matthews. To sum it up he sucks. I don’t understand it at all. Here are my problems with Matthews.

1. He is 35 Years old

2. He has gone from 19 HR in 2006 to 4 in 2009

3. He is not a good defender

4. He is making about 9 million more per season than he is worth.

5. He has been linked to Human Growth Hormones

6. He is a big baby and wines when he doesn’t get to play everyday which is a clubhouse distraction.

7. Did I mention that he is 35 and that he sucks?

8. He has a slow bat and no range

The Angels were so happy to be rid of him that they ate 21 million dollars of his salary over the next two seasons you would think that this would have tipped off the Mets that this is prob not the best move. I understand that they are freaking out over the Beltran Injury but I think Even Johnny Damon would have been a better choice. The smart thing would have been to start Angel Pagen in CF until Beltran was back, but I guess for only 2.5 million dollars the risk isn’t as great as spending nine or ten million on Damon.

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