Arbitration hearings up next!

For those of you who do not understand the arbitration process allow me to give you a quick lesson:

A player and club who cannot agree on a contract may agree to salary arbitration, provided that the player has enough service time in the majors. The following players are eligible for arbitration:

(1) Players with at least 3 but less than 6 years of service in Major League Baseball;

(2) The top 17 percent of players with at least 2 but less than 3 years of Major League service. These are known as “Super 2” players. To qualify as a Super 2, a player must have accumulated at least 86 days of service in the previous year. Historically, the cutoff point for Super 2 status is 2 years, 128 days of service, though the requirement has been as high as 2 years, 140 days in years past.

A hearing can be avoided if the players and ownership can agree on a salary number prior to the deadline, Which in this case is tomorrow. The biggest name out there that is yet to settle is Tim Lincecum. The Giants have offered him 8 million dollars and he has requested 13 million dollars. The biggest dollar amount ever awarded to a first year eligible player was 10 million collected by Ryan Howard.

I have to admit that I didn’t expect Tim to go balls out. I figured they would settle for like nine million. But what does he have to lose he only made 690,000 last year so even if he loses the hearing he still wins eight million dollars. His big payday will come at the end of his contract. I don’t think the Giants will have the resources to lock him up on a long term deal where he will demand somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million a year or more.

If the Giants are smart they will try and sign him to a long term deal now effectively buying out his remaining arbitration years. Somewhere in the neighborhood of  4 years 55 million would probably get it done with a breakdown similar to this :

2010  9 million

2011  12 million

2012 15 million

2013 19 million

and they might even throw in the lucrative 22 million dollar team option for 2014 which they know they cant afford. So here’s to wondering how Tim will look in pinstripes in 2014. Funny how that’s the year that AJ Burnett’s contract is up. Just sayin

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