The truth isnt always pretty

As my partner Genevosey stated Mark McGuire is a cheater, blah blah blah. What I think is really funny is that their are some who are surprised by this. But with the lack of real baseball news this will suffice, at least for now.
Now to make things more interesting Jose’ Canseco has come forward and said that McGwire wasn’t entirely truthful about his steroid usage. In fact Conseco claims that he injected Mark himself during their playing time together in Oakland. In an Interview with ESPN on Tuesday Mark refuted Jose’s claims stating
>”Jose is out there doing what he’s doing, but I’m not going to stoop down to his level,” he said. “None of that stuff happened. He knows it. I know it. I’m not going to stoop down to that level.”

Now I know that Canseco isn’t the most popular guy in the sport right now ,but it seems to me that everything that he has said and written on the subject of steroids has proven to be true. So McGuire, an admitted lier, calling Canseco a lier makes me laugh so hard I want to wet myself.  Now, Jose’ has Challenged Mcguire to take a polygraph ( Which  Canseco has already taken and passed).

McGuire also goes as far as to say that he didn’t take the steroids to hit more HR’s only to stay healthy and that he would have broken the HR record even without the juice. His take is that they didn’t help his performance they just helped keep him healthy. Lies are like Lays potato chips ,  Bet you ca’t tell just one. You always end up telling more lies and they just build. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not. Will McGuire come clean and tell us the whole truth? No way.  Jose’ Canseco is not the most popular guy in the game for sure and as much as I want to think he is a lier I don’t believe that he is. Scumbag yes, Lier no. The truth isn’t always pretty.

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