Big Mac finally comes clean

mark-mcgwire-hitting-coach-thumb-300x300-12772 Mark McGwire has come clean. He has finally admitted today that he has done steroids. This is like Cher admitting that she has had some work done. Nobody in the sports world is surprised that Mark McGwire did steroids. We were shocked when he denied it five years ago in front of congress because it was so obvious. We were disgusted when he hid from the public eye as the steroid drama unfolded in the form of the Mitchell Report, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and the list goes on and on and on.

Yet I find myself disappointed once again. Every time a name comes out about steroids another childhood hero is destroyed. Another guy I looked up to, and shed a tear for when his 62nd home run went over the wall in 1998 was really just a fraud. It’s good that McGwire is going to get back into baseball. He can teach guys how to be better hitters. It is also great for McGwire the man to move on and put this behind him. With that being said, no matter what when people look back on his playing days they know he cheated.

The issue really isn’t Mark McGwire or any of the guys already mentioned here, it’s about an entire era of baseball. The game of baseball is an extreme passion of mine. I was at game six of the World Series this year and I shed a tear at the end of that game. It was emotional for me to be a part of that great moment in America’s past time. Every time a another superstar falls from grace a fan like myself realizes that the moment that you remember, that lifted your heart and gave you an extreme amount of joy wasn’t real. It was manufactured in a lab and shot into the back end of these superstars with a needle. When Roger Clemens pitched his heart out in the World Series it wasn’t real. When Barry Bonds blasted number 71 over the wall it was a fraud. When Sammy Sosa hit 60 plus homeruns three season in a row it was a sham.  When the Boston Red Sox ended their World Series draught they did it by cheating. It’s sad and it’s greatly disheartening.

I am glad that in today’s game we know who cheats and who doesn’t. I am glad that a guy gets a fifty day suspension when he tests positive the first time. I am glad that for the most part the game is cleaned up. However, a part of me will always feel betrayed by ball players that were suppose to be super heroes.

By Michael Genovese

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