Catching up on the news

031df67a6b_091507yankautographmg01 A lot has happened in the world of baseball and I have been negligent in posting regularly. It has something to do with the NFL playoffs coming up but had a lot more to do with the Holidays and work. So I would like to take a few minutes to say a few things about everything that has happened in the baseball world now. Mind you these tidbits are not in chronological order.

– Jason Bay is a NY Met: Seems that was destined from the moment they started talking, He got a good deal and will show dominance in the NL as he did with the Pirates. Not that he did poorly in the AL. What Boston was thinking letting him slip away . (We will talk more about the Red Sox in a minute)

– Matt Holiday is staying in St Louis: All you Yankees fans that thought the Yankees were lying in the weeds like they did with Teixeira were wrong. The Cards are paying him 120 million dollars over six years. Actually as it turns out with vesting payments and deferred money they will be paying him until 2029. Safe to say he will retire a card considering in 2029 he will be 48.

– Randy Johnson has decided to retire: Its about time! He had a great run but at 46 year old going into his 22 season he knew when to say when and goes out as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Johnson has had his problems with his temper and injuries but always redeemed himself with some selfless classy move. The latest being announcing his retirement so as not to interfere with the HOF inductions.   A place where his spikes will undoubtedly rest.

-Speaking of the Hall of Fame: Andre Dawson was this years only inductee.  With eight gold gloves , Rookie of the Year and an MVP to his credit he certainly is a worthy choice. It was surprising however that Roberto Alomar and  Bert Blyleven missed by 1.5%. They certainly are also worthy. This years induction weekend might not be as crowded as some years, so if you have never been make plans to get to Cooperstown its a hoot.

– Duncan is an Indian: The Indians have signed former Yankee farm-hand Shelly Duncan to a minor league deal. Duncan won last years minor league MVP but just never quite fit in with the Yankees. After his impressive debut he struggled with injuries and consistency but will get a legitimate opportunity to compete for a starting roll with the Indians. You may remember Shelly and the Red Sox suck autograph he wrote a little kid.

-  Adrian Beltre is a Red Sox: Ok as promised we are back to the Sox. Beyond the John Lackey move ,which is an obvious upgrade, In my humble opinion the Red Sox have downgraded themselves with the acquisitions of Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre.  Both have had great seasons in the past but both are coming of bad seasons and will probably be outslugged by their predecessors. Adrian Beltre was absolutely a monster in the NL back in 2004 when he hit 48 HR and 121 RBI. But beyond that has only shown a career .270 BA and has not sense hit 100RBI in a season. He is a decent defender with a decent OBP but Mike Lowell if healthy is  a gamer. He reminds me of the underrated warrior that gives everything and expects nothing in return. Limited last year by injuries still managed to hit 17 HR and bat .290 in only 119 games. This four time all star is probably going to be with another team as the year opens up and the Red Sox are going to eat a big chunk of money. Mike Cameron is a 36 year old CFer who will never come close to the nearly 10 years younger Jason Bay so I’m not going to even go over the numbers we all know. Overall I give the Red Sox off season a C-.

That leads us up to our annual offseason grading party as we try and evaluate the moves that some of the competitive teams have made and give them a grade and our thoughts. But we will save that for another time.

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