Boston Finally Strikes!!!

The Red Sox have finally made a splash, sort of. Several news reports have said that Adrian Beltre has signed with the Red Sox. The free agent third baseman signed a one year $10m deal. Beltre only played in 111 games last year and hit 8 HR and had 44 RBI. Beltre doesn’t hit well in AL East parks and has been picked up as a defensive replacement for Mike Lowell who is all but done in Beantown. According to ESPN some teams are interested in Lowell including the NY Mets. 

We will see how this all pans out but Beltre is an excellent third baseman. Lowell can still flash the glove but overall this is a defensive improvement. The Red Sox will have to figure out what to do with Lowell and quickly as they have a ton of money locked up at third base right now. If Beltre can get back to his 2007 offensive form and still flash the glove this is an upgrade at 3rd base.

However, Lowell is a gamer and I always loved his heart. He was a throw away in the Josh Beckett deal and in turn helped propel Boston to the World Series. I have some die-hard Mets fans I know who would love to see him switch to 1st base and come on down to Queens!

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