Yankees closing in on a Nick Johnson

nick It seems that the Yankees are getting close to filling their Designated hitter position with Nick Johnson. Johnson was originally a product of the Yankee system and played with the bombers from 2001 –2003 before being traded to the Expos for Javier Vazquez, a complete bust in NY. Johnson has struggled with injuries over the Years but as a DH he may be able to squelch some of these concerns. Johnson Doesn’t have much power but gets on base more than anyone I know. That is what you need from a DH. I would like to see him hit in the #2 hole, with his lifetime .402 OBP he would create a ton of RBI opportunities for Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez. Also as a left handed pull type hitter he would certainly take advantage of that vulnerable right field wall which would increase his HR potential. I’m predicting that if the Yankees end up signing him it will be a one year deal probably in the neighborhood of six million dollars and might include some kind of incentive based on the number of starts he makes. It might even include an option for a second year based on some sort of vesting incentive with the number of starts he makes. It would seem the Yankees might throw something in there if he stays healthy. 

I unlike my co-author genevosey think this is a great signing. He doesn’t like Johnson I say once a Yankee always a Yankee. Welcome back Nick.

Nick-Johnson (1)

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