Sources: Halladay to Phils, Lee to M’s deal close

Sources: Halladay to Phils, Lee to M’s deal close

Its a three way.  Blockbuster trade that is, big trades are a dime a dozen this time of year or so it would seem, but none bigger than this one. Although all the details of the minor players to come out of it are yet to be aired the big pieces seem to be in place.

Roy Halladay will become a Phillie and Cliff Lee will become a Mariner. First lets look at Roy. Although it was rumored that the Yankees or Red Sox were prime candidates, Roy is from the city of brotherly love and it was his preferred destination all along. As part of the deal Halladay will give the Phillies an extension of a reported three years with vesting options for a forth.

In turn the Phillies will be sending Cliff Lee to the Mariners. Lee expressed his interest in staying with Philly but also wanted to be paid market value at the end of his contract. With Roy Halladay being the new bread winner he had to go. I’m not sure whether he will resign with Seattle but I tend to doubt it. Seattle is in a lets win in now kinda situation with the division being at its most vulnerable. Toronto will receive a truck load of young talented prospects that will certainly make them competitive in the near future. Phillippe Aumont is the big piece they get from Seattle. Aumont, a Canadian, was the eleventh overall pick in the 2007 draft and is labeled by Baseball America as number 33 in the top 50 prospects in America. He has a mid 90’s sinking fastball that is tough to pick up and in his first 36 innings last year allowed only six earned runs on 23 hits for an ERA of 1.50. At only 20 years old he is projected to be MLB ready in 2012.

From the Phillies they get a highly praised catching prospect in Travis D’Arnaud,  also a 2007 draftee at 20 years old is said to have well above average defensive skills. He was the 37th overall pick in the first round. What he lacks in size  at 5’11 195 he makes up for in overall ability. He was the Phillies #7 prospect overall and has had some success with the bat. Tagged as not being very disciplined at the plate, he is starting to develop a bit of a power stroke with 13 HR and 75 RBI’s in 126 games last season. He also stole 8 bags. Not saying thats a lot of steals but catchers usually don’t steal at all. Looking at his scouting reports I don’t see him being Joe Mauer any time soon but at 20 years old he has potential.Its always good to have catching depth. They will also receive another prospect from the Phillies. Initially they asked for Dominic Brown and the Phillies laughed at them. (as I would too) Reports indicate that it is highly touted outfielder Michael Taylor instead. No not the Michael Taylor that produced Battlestar Galactica, this Michael Taylor is a fifth round draft pick that is turning out to be a hell of a decent outfielder. Taylor is a good fielder with good speed. After making some adjustments to his swing in 2008 is starting to come around with the bat. Taylor is a huge guy at 6’6 and 250 pounds. I can’t think of anyone else that big with his speed and power. A dark horse to start in Toronto this season I project that he will be a starter in 2011. He will quickly become the best power hitter in Toronto’s minor league system.

So who is the big winner in this three way trade? Toronto is of course, they got young talented prospects that will make them competitive in the next five years. The additions of Taylor and  Aumont is huge. Philly is the big loser in the deal. They lose Cliff Lee who is younger than Halladay and in the long run may be cheaper and they lose Taylor who was probably their number two prospect.

Seattle will also be giving a couple of  PTBNL to Philly for the acquisition of Lee. The only way this will be a good deal for Seattle is if they are able to sign Lee to an Extension. Clearly the Blue Jays did well in this trade.

update: In contrast to what was earlier reported it now appears that Aumont from Seattle is actually going to Philly and Kyle Drabak from Philly is the other prospect coming to Toronto. For Toronto this is even a better deal as Drabek has a low to mid 90’s fastball and a curve ball that can make a grown man cry.Drabek, although a long shot may have the stuff to start in Toronto this year. Best comparison David Price.

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