Winter meetings wrap-up A.L. east

There were some moves made at the winter meetings, some free agent signings and a whole lot of rumors that are just floating around. Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it all so I will try and wrap up the ones that add up to anything.


Baltimore Orioles: Baltimore’s big splash came by trading Chris Ray and a PTBNL for Veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood. Millwood will be the veteran presence  on  Young Baltimore staff. The Veteran of 13 years has a career record of 155 wins and 121 losses and a career ERA of 4.03. He is under contract for 2010 and Baltimore will look to extend that. He has a great work ethic that will help young catching sensation  Matt Weiters.

Boston Red Sox: The Red sox made a few smaller moves but don’t think that they are done. They will most certainly be out to land a big Whale before spring training rolls around. What they have done is acquire Boof Bonser from the Twins. Bonser is a number five starter type with an ERA just over four and has struggled with injuries the last couple of years. He was designated for assignment by the Twins to make room for Carl Pavano on the roster. The Red Sox have acquired him for a PTBNL and cash considerations. A bigger move is the Trading of Mike Lowell , Their all star third baseman to the Rangers for a minor league catcher. Considering the Red Sox are also picking up a sizable chunk of his 2010 Salary trade isn’t the best choice of words. Lowell is still a very dangerous hitter even though his health is somewhat subject. This move preempts an upcoming move where the Red Sox are trying hard to sign Adrian Beltre. The Red Sox have only begun to make moves so stay tuned.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Blue Jays did not make any moves at the Winter meetings, their big splash will be in the trading of Roy Halladay. Smart money says they will get a fist full of prospects that will make them competitive in 2011 and 2012 rather than 2010. We shall see.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays traded Akinori Iwamura to the Pirates for Jesse Chavez and then spun Chavez to the Braves for Rafael Soriano. Soriano is the first true closer the Rays have had sense Percival in 2008. Last season he had 27 saves and an ERA of 2.97 . These are the kinds of moves teams make that want to win. However I don’t think it will make much difference against a re tooled Red Sox and Yankees.

NY Yankees: Speaking of the Yankees they also made a bit of a splash in a three team deal with the Tigers and Diamondbacks that Netted them Curtis Granderson. I wont rehash the details of this because we have already discussed it. But for all the best Yankees News check out YankeesOnlineMagazine. Its the BOMB.

That wraps up the AL East tomorrow we will look at the AL central and so on and so forth in the days to come.

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