The Giant catch

Bengie Molina is still one of the best catchers in the game but at 35 its just a matter of time until he starts to show some decline. The Giants offered him arbitration and he declined. Seems the Giants are unwilling to offer more than a one year deal to him with Buster Posey, their first round draft pick in 2008 , labeled as their catcher of the future. Molina hit .265 with 20 HR and 80 RBI’s . Pretty decent numbers for any position, but his true value is his defense and his arm. Buster Posey is definitely going to be great, he hit .325 with 18 HR and 80 RBI’s  in the minors last season and spent 7 days with the Giants in September. However that seven days does not a major league catcher make. Hense the problem.

My opinion is that you have to re-sign Molina to a two year deal with a third year that would vest with a certain number of starts. Posey at 22 will only be 25 at the end of the contract and  will then be ready to take over as the full time back stop.

The Giants have been on the fringe of being a playoff team for a couple of years now and have one of the best young pitching staffs in baseball.  The Giants can ill afford to lose the leadership and veteran presence of Molina in a year that the Giants could be a true competitor.

This brings us to the Giant catch. They are cheap and wont do it. Disappointing their fans is what the Giants do why change now.

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