Source: Scutaro, Red Sox closing in on contract

Source: Scutaro, Red Sox closing in on contract

Well it looks like the Idea of moving Pedroia to short may have been short lived. (no pun intended) Marco Scutaro is beyond a doubt the best free agent available. But is he worth a first round draft pick. Luckily for the Red Sox they are getting one from the Braves so it kind of works out in the wash.  I was a fan of moving Pedroia and signing a second baseman but Im not the one calling the shots now am I.

All and all they will definitely have upgraded their infield over last season. Next up will the Red Sox be able to move Lowell? One of the rumors out their is that if Lowell is moved Youkilis will move to third and they may try and make a blockbuster trade for Migel Cabrerra. Personally I don’t think they have the pieces to pull off a deal like that but there are a couple of other big fish first baseman out there that might suit the Red Sox just fine.

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