Chone Figgins Closing in on Dead with Seattle

ESPN is reporting that Chone Figgins may be close to signing with the Seattle Mariners. How he would fit in Seattle is a little unclear. Seattle already has a leadoff hitter that is pretty good. You may have heard of him he is that Japanese guy. Either way the deal appears to be all but done. How does this impact the World Champs among other teams who had an interest in Figgins remains to be seen.  Most importantly the Hot Stove is really starting to heat up. Placido Polanco, Marco Scutaro, and now Chone Figgins have all signed with new teams. 

After next weeks winter meetings in Indianapolis things should really catch fire. Just because there is no baseball doesn’t mean things aren’t exciting. Stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Chone Figgins Closing in on Dead with Seattle”

  1. Paul P Says:

    I’m not sure how good of a fit this would be. I’m interested to see how it works out.

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